Saturday, March 22, 2008

i want to be all grown up!

man, i am NOT wanting to study today! H and i just got back from visiting the quaint town of our alma mater and i don't want to do anything except revel in the springtime day. oh well.

also, reading all these blogs of people who have matched into their respective residencies makes me wish i was already there. i cannot wait to have a JOB. i'm tired of being a student, i want a JOB.

also also, on the trip there and whatnot i managed to slice some of my skin off with a razor (totally accidental), not too bad of a wound, but it BLED and i freaked out, cried, and almost passed out. it still hurts intermittently, and i am applying copious amounts of neosporin and changing my bandaid a lot, but the bleeding is definitely under control and whatnot. but that just illustrates how much of a pansy i am, and H even said that i was a pansy. blah! so yeah, a skin sliver about the size of a black bean was forcibly removed from the medial side of my pinky finger, and i almost fainted. i had to sit down and everything because i was seeing spots and felt suddenly weak. i'm such a pansy!!! i even made H perform a "neurology" exam (i told him what to do) on my fingers so i could make sure that i didn't slice off any nerves. so people laugh because "how can you be a doctor if you can't stand seeing blood?" well, it was MY blood. i can handle seeing YOUR blood if properly prepared...just not MINE. plus, what if i had destroyed branches of the ulnar nerve as it serves my pinky?

ok, study time. chao!


tracy said...

ouchies!!!! sorry 'bout that! Don't worry, you'll still be a grrat doctor! But watch out for the evil Neos[orin...i had a doctor actually tell me some peple are allergic to it...myself included...
take care, i just discovered ou blog and love it!
i have to study today to...but it's only for emt recert

equine005 said...

Yeah, no matter what people say, just because your own blood makes you want to faint does not mean that you'll be a crappy clinician. Last spring I stepped on the metal part of my hair dryer cord that plugs into the wall and it went into the bottom of my foot. I immediately got that dizzy tunnel vision even before the pain set in. It was horrible. Lots of amoxicillin and a tetanus antitoxin. Anyway, good luck with your pinky. =)