Wednesday, March 05, 2008

how googlers find my site, part II

here are so more nasty gross words that people are googling to find my blog...
  • motion sickness: very irritating condition, i can empathize with this person.
  • terd or turd: i usually spell it differently based on the physical characteristics of said excrement.
  • tests freaking out: yes yes yes!!! freaking out all the time!
  • frylime: that's my handle...
  • sugar bad main reason: because then your insulin will stop working properly and that is bad.
  • banning obese: very dumb idea...can't use capitalism to enforce communism, or something like that.
  • autobiography of a nice person who lived in ecuador: aaaw, how charming! nice people in ecuador!!! hopefully the ecuador-venezuela-columbia thing won't blow up any time soon, because then there will be unhappy not nice people in those places...
  • arteriogram with runoff: used to visualize the arteries in the leg.
  • hard-boiled egg vagina: this is just plain strange. i won't say sick, because people have their fetishes, but it just perturbs me that this came to my blog.
  • fake sugar: is gross and disgusting!
so yeah, just an update of stuff that some might find interesting...

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