Monday, March 31, 2008

downtime between class...

for some odd reason it was someone's ill-conceived idea to have 3 hour breaks in between classes. i mean, i guess it's good for some study time, but that would require being responsible. blah!

i had a great weekend. on friday night some med school gals and i had a "girls' night". it's HILARIOUS to me when you get a bunch of med students together and booze them up a little bit to hear what we say about stuff...i wish i had a recorder or something. H and I went to the coast to visit some friends and to hear their band play. we ate korean food! yum...bibimbap! also, there was a little garden festival going on, and it was nice to walk around and look at the plants and other crafts.

today we started learning more about the auditory system. woo.

i think i've probably said this before, but i've always been an avid "people watcher". and now, since i have all this medical know-how, i can people watch and diagnose at the same time. that is quite cool to me, and i believe H thinks so as well, since he will ask me "what do you think that person has", but most of the time i'll just give him my 2 cents without any prompting. i'm good like that you know. i really believe that after this summer is over (during which i will be doing some genetics research and tons of shadowing...wooo!!!) that i will have even more tricks up my sleeve, and that to me is quite exciting.

did i mention that last week the pathology department did a lunch seminar on "what is pathology"? i thought it was quite cool, and i'm going to go and hang out with them some when i get the chance. the people there told me that path programs love diversified backgrounds, so my engineering degree might be able to get my foot in the door in some prestigious programs if i were to go that route. well, supposedly. they were probably telling me the standard things you say to the one person who is enthusiastic about pathology...haha. i don't care though, they made me feel special.

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