Monday, March 31, 2008

downtime between class...

for some odd reason it was someone's ill-conceived idea to have 3 hour breaks in between classes. i mean, i guess it's good for some study time, but that would require being responsible. blah!

i had a great weekend. on friday night some med school gals and i had a "girls' night". it's HILARIOUS to me when you get a bunch of med students together and booze them up a little bit to hear what we say about stuff...i wish i had a recorder or something. H and I went to the coast to visit some friends and to hear their band play. we ate korean food! yum...bibimbap! also, there was a little garden festival going on, and it was nice to walk around and look at the plants and other crafts.

today we started learning more about the auditory system. woo.

i think i've probably said this before, but i've always been an avid "people watcher". and now, since i have all this medical know-how, i can people watch and diagnose at the same time. that is quite cool to me, and i believe H thinks so as well, since he will ask me "what do you think that person has", but most of the time i'll just give him my 2 cents without any prompting. i'm good like that you know. i really believe that after this summer is over (during which i will be doing some genetics research and tons of shadowing...wooo!!!) that i will have even more tricks up my sleeve, and that to me is quite exciting.

did i mention that last week the pathology department did a lunch seminar on "what is pathology"? i thought it was quite cool, and i'm going to go and hang out with them some when i get the chance. the people there told me that path programs love diversified backgrounds, so my engineering degree might be able to get my foot in the door in some prestigious programs if i were to go that route. well, supposedly. they were probably telling me the standard things you say to the one person who is enthusiastic about pathology...haha. i don't care though, they made me feel special.

Friday, March 28, 2008

glorious friday

today was such a nice day at school. leisure classes, done at noon. at lunch with a good friend. the interesting part of today so far was a suture workshop presented by the family medicine folks. i learned how to do interrupted single knot stitch and also a mattress stitch. tying those knots are hard! we did all the stuff on pig feet, and their skin is tough. it's also cumbersome to use the proper tools, but each time i do suturing it does get easier.

it's currently raining where i am, and i couldn't be happier. i love the sound of the rain, and plus it will beat down all the pollen that's been floating around the past couple days/weeks. my nose has been not happy lately.

my week has certainly ended a lot better than it started. i did alright on my first neuro test, and it only goes up from here. i've been enjoying what my classes are going over now, and i can finally see the end of the tunnel. may 16 (my birthday!) is our last day of school, and it can't come any sooner!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

pinky update

ok, so the 4-1-1 on the ol' pinky is that it is healing up nicely, but since it didn't ever form a scab, i have to neosporin it still like crazy and keep it covered. this has been an interesting event to watch, the healing, since it's like the "circumference" of the wound just gets smaller and smaller...quite an educational experience! also i've discovered that it sucks to have to shower and wash dishes with ONE's kind of hard!

right now in school i'm having a difficult mental time...classes are hard and will always be hard, and i do get frustrated because unlike most of the other people in my class, i am not a genius and i didn't major in anything remotely helpful. (tip for all pre-meds...if you major in engineering, take a ton of science elective extras in biology related things.) and when i say "genius", i mean, i know that i am an intelligent capable human being, but it just seems like i am not as swift on the uptake, or that i don't spend my time learning minute data...i get the big picture and move on. (i guess that's the mindset of an engineer...arg!) i just can't wait to get to the part in school where i can say "i am really good at this" and have the grades to back it up. for once i would like to be the "A" student or something. alas...we all have our shining moments...i guess mine just hasn't come yet? the professional higher-ups keep telling me that i'm learning right now how to be "real" to my "future patients", that i'll truly understand their struggles in life...well, i hope all this crap will amount to something good. i guess i get more irritated than i should just because this is my 2nd time around doing the first year of more chances after this. luckily, i have an ENGINEERING life will still be rewarding no matter what field i end up in.

sorry for that little mini-rant...just trying to "keep it real, yo" if you know what i mean.

oh, and you remember that research grant thing that i had applied to? well, i got it! i was so happy to get that really made my day. now i just have to end this year in good standing so i can have a fun job for the summer...just got to stay positive and keep your chin up.

and with that, i shall go back to reading about the somatosensory system...bah!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

i want to be all grown up!

man, i am NOT wanting to study today! H and i just got back from visiting the quaint town of our alma mater and i don't want to do anything except revel in the springtime day. oh well.

also, reading all these blogs of people who have matched into their respective residencies makes me wish i was already there. i cannot wait to have a JOB. i'm tired of being a student, i want a JOB.

also also, on the trip there and whatnot i managed to slice some of my skin off with a razor (totally accidental), not too bad of a wound, but it BLED and i freaked out, cried, and almost passed out. it still hurts intermittently, and i am applying copious amounts of neosporin and changing my bandaid a lot, but the bleeding is definitely under control and whatnot. but that just illustrates how much of a pansy i am, and H even said that i was a pansy. blah! so yeah, a skin sliver about the size of a black bean was forcibly removed from the medial side of my pinky finger, and i almost fainted. i had to sit down and everything because i was seeing spots and felt suddenly weak. i'm such a pansy!!! i even made H perform a "neurology" exam (i told him what to do) on my fingers so i could make sure that i didn't slice off any nerves. so people laugh because "how can you be a doctor if you can't stand seeing blood?" well, it was MY blood. i can handle seeing YOUR blood if properly prepared...just not MINE. plus, what if i had destroyed branches of the ulnar nerve as it serves my pinky?

ok, study time. chao!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

spring break update

this spring break has been an interesting one so far...H and i went camping in florida (fort pickens) for a night and had a ton of fun. it was a 5 mile bike ride and trudge through sand to get there and back, which amounted to a lot of back pain and good cardio workout. the landscape was so beautiful and the fort was pretty cool too. highly recommend it, but just remember to bring insect repellent...i am the proud owner of ~50 mosquito bites and they all appropriately itch like hell. and these mosquitoes were HUGE, like the fattest mosquitoes i or H had ever seen. also, another CAN get sunburned even when it's just cloudy. you'd think a former lifeguard would have remembered that, but no. i looked like a lobster yesterday, and yes, the sunburn appropriately hurts as well. so, that's a winning combination...the bites itch, so i scratch, oooh it burns, stop scratching, bites continue to itch, burn continues to burn, it never ends...

today was my last review for the upcoming monday neuroanatomy test. i'm kind of scared of it, mostly because of the heinous reputation the course has for being difficult. but i have a couple of good days to study for it, so it shouldn't be too bad.

also, i have decided that i'm going to embrace the half-korean side of me and i will be making bulgogi today. i just went to an asian market store and bought some kimchi and pickled yellow radish and dried squid. yum!!! this summer, i'm going to cook a lot of korean food and will be updating my food blog as it all unfolds. i also want to tackle cooking more vegetarian dishes, namely dishes that incorporate tofu or other obscure ingredients...

also also, i would be happy to interview ANYONE who would like to be interviewed...learning about folks is always fun!

Friday, March 14, 2008

psychiatry and interviewing

psychiatry so far actually has been fun. we haven't delved into any disorders, but mostly just been focusing on the interview. we've watched a psych resident interview a guy in front of the class, and today we were split up into small groups to go "practice". we were partnered up, and my partner and i got to go FIRST (which was a little nerve-racking!) but it was an incredibly cool learning experience. the two patients that we got to have to "interview" were so drastically different. the first patient you could ask normal questions to (like "how is your home life?") and he would answer accordingly and also expound ("home life is great, my wife is great, etc etc"). the second patient had a psychotic disorder and the questions/answers were so different. if you asked him "how is your home life", he would respond "fine". you really had to tease out the answers, since he would only give very short answers, and sometimes he would give irrelevant answers too.

so far, the concept of the interview is really fun for me. it's really exciting to know that within a year's time or so that i'm going to be supposedly "really good" at it. the thing about psych that i like is that you really get to meet some really interesting people, but after a while during the interviews that i've seen, i find myself getting a little bit restless. and i think that's because the interview for psych patients are so much longer. also, i think that if i were actually a psychiatrist, i would probably get bored quickly since the process of being presented with the situation, figuring out the problem, and then administering the solution seems to be so long. if you can actually figure out what's wrong with the patient, then you move on to medicating, and that in itself is a long involved process since it requires so much tweaking. but i guess that's the same for most medicine-oriented fields (as in internal medicine).

psych so far has been a breath of fresh air in our mostly textbook curriculum. it's fun to be able to put on my short white coat and actually see a patient or two.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

new week

school this week has been quite normal. nothing really new to report, other than i did A-OK on my histology board, which i am quite happy for. neuro is kind of still crazy, but that's to be expected. today in lab we went over the DIENCEPHALON, which is such a sexy word. and confusing. and i hate cross sections of brain. like, they're all so ambiguous, how in the heck am i supposed to properly search for and find things like the nucleus ambiguous? blah! the only thing so far that i KNOW that i know is the red nucleus, and all those out there who know what i'm talking about will be thinking DUH FRYLIME, THAT'S SO EASY. oh well. at least i can be proud of something. i mean, i am staring at slices of the medulla and the pons and all that crazy stuff and it's all in shades of gray and not very marked up so it's hard to distinguish things.

we started psychiatry this week, and tomorrow is our first official "let's learn something new" class. i'm looking forward to it...i guess you could say that i'm interested in the field, and you could also say that my parents would laugh at me if i became a psychiatrist. BUT, i think it's a very intriguing field, and whether or not i actually become one, i think every doctor can greatly benefit from some psych knowledge.

and i'm not one to air my political dirty laundry on my blog, and i do consider myself a centrist/moderate/whichever who will vote for the right person for the right job (rather than along any particular party line), but i must say that i really am quite impressed with barack obama. i had the good fortune to attend one of his rallies recently, and i shook the good man's hand (he asked me "how are you?"), and i thought his talk was quite nice. i agreed with most everything he said, and i hope that he continues to do well in the national political scene.

now i shall resume studying the medulla and the basilar pons...BLAH!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

how googlers find my site, part II

here are so more nasty gross words that people are googling to find my blog...
  • motion sickness: very irritating condition, i can empathize with this person.
  • terd or turd: i usually spell it differently based on the physical characteristics of said excrement.
  • tests freaking out: yes yes yes!!! freaking out all the time!
  • frylime: that's my handle...
  • sugar bad main reason: because then your insulin will stop working properly and that is bad.
  • banning obese: very dumb idea...can't use capitalism to enforce communism, or something like that.
  • autobiography of a nice person who lived in ecuador: aaaw, how charming! nice people in ecuador!!! hopefully the ecuador-venezuela-columbia thing won't blow up any time soon, because then there will be unhappy not nice people in those places...
  • arteriogram with runoff: used to visualize the arteries in the leg.
  • hard-boiled egg vagina: this is just plain strange. i won't say sick, because people have their fetishes, but it just perturbs me that this came to my blog.
  • fake sugar: is gross and disgusting!
so yeah, just an update of stuff that some might find interesting...

Monday, March 03, 2008

phys board

blah, it stunk as well.

oh, and i just bought $300 worth of books for neurobiology and psychiatry.

keep your fingers crossed for me and physiology. after suffering through 2 horrible physiology tests worth about 45% of my grade, you just can't help but be a little paranoid about the outcome.