Sunday, February 17, 2008

ugh motion sickness

ok, so those out there that know me (and maybe i've mentioned it on this blog) know that i'm considering pathology as a career choice. well, i'm currently in our histology lab looking at things in a microscope to study for my test tomorrow, and i have given myself the worst bout of motion sickness i could ever imagine. like, i literally sat in the bathroom for about 10 minutes trying to will myself to puke, but it wouldn't happen. it stinks...i love looking at all the slides, but i guess all the moving around and intense lights and quick focus/refocus actions are making my eyes hurt. and it makes me nauseous as well. when we're in lab sessions i always try to avert my eyes when the professor is "skimming" around to find a good spot to look at, but i guess it's hard to do that when you're flying solo. good thing i only have one last lab guide to look through.

so now i'm reconsidering path. i love microscopes, but not enough to inflict daily bouts of motion sickness or whatever it is. i'm such a pansy.

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