Friday, February 01, 2008

omg. banning obese people from eating?

politicians in mississippi are trying to pass a bill to ban obese people from eating in restaurants.

i mean, is this even possible? and is it not the most insane thing you've ever heard?

i can kind of sort of understand the rationale behind it, since a bazillion people in mississippi are overweight/obese...but what the heck!!!

i DO agree that the government should take weight matters into their hands and inspire/force their citizens to become healthier. it would be quite cost effective, because health care dollars spent would eventually go down since folks are healthier. i can think of a few things from diabetes, hypertension, kidney disease...ALL EXPENSIVE diseases to have. but why not make the restaurants serve healthier food? why not force kids to exercise everyday? why not give monetary governmental incentives to people who are within healthy weight ranges? take off grocery tax on fresh produce and other "healthy" foods? tax rebates for gym membership and use? why not build sidewalks? encourage bicycling to work? the list goes on and on...

but the main thing that keeps sounding off in my head is that BMI is NOT the most accurate measure of health! hello muscle men, etc etc. blah. i just can't think properly about this issue, it just blows my mind.

besides, who is going to enforce this "law"? in all honesty, the obese person could probably squash the host/ess that impedes their restauranting desires. blah! sheesh...if a person wants to be fat, then go ahead and do whatever you want. but you can't put sanctions and beat up on restaurants! it's not their fault that people are obese. i'm finally within the "healthy" bmi range (whatever that means), but i still enjoy a greasy hamburger or pizza every now and then, and that's my choice.

this is the united states of america for crying out loud!

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The Anonymous Therapist said...

Ahhh...nanny governance at its finest. Isn't it grand?