Thursday, February 14, 2008

happy valentine's day!

dear readers (all 3 or 4 of you...ha!), today i want to wish you a happy valentine's day. i'm not much of a romantic, but sometimes it's fun to have a whole day of sappy romanticisms and whatnot. or maybe not...i'm not much of a cupid and flying arrows kind of gal, but at the very least i want those around me whom i love very much to feel appreciated.

i just sent off an application for a summer research grant funded by my school's department of something something. please cross your fingers for me (if you like) because the research project that i am hoping to do is with a great doctor in a field that i am ranking VERY HIGH on the list of "what i want to be when i grow up". not only would i be doing some research on a disease that is quite rare, i would also get to do some analysis in a very common disorder, present my findings in a couple of different places, and get to hang out in clinic. maybe i would even get some opportunities (supervised, of course) to learn how to do a proper history and physical exam. i know i'm quite capable of receiving the award and doing all these things, but after going through what i went through last year, sometimes i feel that i'm not as confident as i should be about this kind of stuff. sometimes i need some good ol' encouragement...and i have plenty of people close to me that are giving me just that, so i should just stop the negative thinking.

another note, in class this week we've been learning about sexual physiology which has brought about some interesting class discussion. yesterday we had a rousing question/answer session about oral contraceptives, and interestingly most of the questions asked in class were by the guys (who i assume have significant others who are on the pill). i'm also surprised at how little new stuff i'm learning (in regard to reproduction, etc). i guess all those years of reading cosmo and glamour and marie claire magazines on high school marching band bus trips paid off...those magazines really know their stuff!

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