Thursday, February 07, 2008



actually...i ran 1.25 miles without stopping. i'm quite proud of myself. after a couple of weeks of huffing and puffing to run a mile, a friend told me that i'm running too hard. i should focus on slow and long, rather than fast and impossible. so that is what i did...1.25 miles of nice slow running. and i'm SUPER excited!!! so now that goal of doing sprint triathlons is actually DOable, rather than a distant dream. (i can swim distance quite nicely and love biking. it was only the running part that was holding me back.)

it's so interesting to me how my medical school education is permeating my entire life. the other day i was running with H and after 1/2 mile i just have to stop. as H puts it, he thought my "head was about to explode". i'm a strong person...i love lifting weights and enjoy yoga, so when i had to stop running it wasn't because my legs or arms were tired, it was just that i couldn't get any air. exercise-induced dyspnea, if you will. i ranted that my cardiac output sucked to anyone that would listen. but now i have found the secret! one of my ex-marine school friends told me that if i can slowly get up to 2 miles, then i can work on incorporating sprints and then that will get me up to good speed. but the important thing is the slowly working on the distance bit. and after today, i TOTALLY understand that.

this week we started the endocrine unit at school. it's all about hormones, and it's kind of interesting. today we had a clinical lecture about hyper/hypothyroidism. basically, if your eyes are popping out of your head and you've lost lots of weight, it's hyper. if you're all puffy and sleepy all the time, it's hypo. yes, quite scientific, i know.

i also decided to give up all processed forms of sugar in the shape of cakes, cookies, pies, fancy syrupy coffee drinks, etc, for lent. i'm also going to try and adhere to the "no meat on fridays" rule of the catholics. (i'm methodist, and they don't really put a big emphasis on giving anything up for lent, but i think that all christian denominations should.) today's only the 2nd day of my abstinence of desserts, and it's been HARD!!! today was hot fudge cake day at the cafeteria, and i couldn't have any! haha, oh well. it makes me a stronger person, and will definitely help contribute to bettering my health. but oh so sad, no fudge cake! to satisfy my sweet tooth i've been eating raisins and dried mango much healthier than a piece of cake.

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EMILY!!!! It's MC in siberia. I MISS YOU!!! I'm so glad you're doing so well in med school. Keep it up.