Monday, February 25, 2008

blah histo board

goodness, is it just me, or was the histo board i took this morning a biochem test in disguise? i know there's only so much ink in the world that you can't do nice color pictures of tissue/cells/etc and ask a valid histology question of something like "what does the cell labeled with a star do". also, one of my biggest irritations from this morning was that we were asked questions from "cartoon drawings" of cells and whatnot. in the real world, i'm going to be looking at the actual slide, not a cartoon.

so i've added another "i can be this maybe when i grow up" option: do a pathology residency, then do a fellowship in the medical genetic pathology. i think basically what you would do there is run the tests to check for all the genetic mutations amongst other things. of course, i'm still only in my first year of school, but it's good to narrow things down. i've effectively x'ed out most things: i lack sympathy for stupidity, i expect too much from people, i'm an advocate for personal responsibility, i don't like blood, nursing homes are scary, cutting into a living pig made me unhappy. yeah, i have a lot of weird tendencies. i think "i don't like blood" really narrows things down a lot. i might add that looking at people's private parts would really gross me out too, so no urology or gynecology.

this weekend i had a good friend tell me that they could see me as a pathologist, and then another friend seconded that and added that they thought i would not be happy in a pediatric (or similar) residency. she told me that if i did that, then i would probably want to quit after a year or so, and given my personality and my undergraduate degree, i would do it. i agree...i think in the past year or so i've really come to terms with not doing something that isn't making you happy, so i would have to agree that i shouldn't put myself in a situation where i would end up quitting (because i is too short). also this weekend i chatted with a friend's mother who is a neurologist and mentioned that i was interested in path, and she was so excited for me and told me what a great field that was. i also mentioned wanting to stay in academic medicine (versus private practice), and she also said that was great too. H has also said that he sees me "running a lab" more so than "being a doctor". so i guess that if a bunch of people that know me are saying similar things, i should definitely take that into consideration!

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