Tuesday, January 22, 2008


this morning i had a physiology test which went ok. hopefully no worries there. my friend A and i went to a local nursing home today after lunch to visit our assigned "patient". this is my school's attempt to get us young'ins talking to real live people in a doctor-esque setting. we have assigned questions to ask (or assigned information to get, rather) for each session that we have, and we also have to wear our short white coats. i must admit, it felt a little odd wearing that thing today, mostly because i was wearing a sweater underneath and i got really hot. alas, i must get used to it. after that i went to the gym and went to the bookstore and drank a latte while reading a magazine for free. then i hung out with A some more and ate dinner with H and now i am RELAXING ON MY COUCH WHILE BROWSING THE INTERNET. can you believe it?

also, i figured out why i was so bothered by the pig lab. the pigs died in vain, well, at least to me. if we had used the meat of the pigs after doing all that stuff to them, it would have been ok to me. still weird, but at least the pigs were still useful to the very end. from what i can gather the pigs were just cremated, but it's just so sad because they could have fed a lot of people.

oh, and a funny story. our nursing home patient just LOVED my hair and i let her touch it a few times and she was just so tickled about it. she also seemed quite shocked that it was "real hair". (let it be known that my hair is completely NATURAL and ALL MINE. i grew it myself!) she also kept asking me if i "had some indian in me", but i'm not sure what she meant by that. A thought it was impressive that she asked me that question 6 times, and i gave her a different answer every time. hey, she liked my hair. what could i do other than humor her? hee hee!

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The Anonymous Therapist said...

Man, those lab coats can get like frickin' saunas. I wore one for a while, esp. when I was working in New England in the winter, but here in Florida? I'd die.

Your patient sounds like a trip. :D