Monday, January 28, 2008

overcoming obstacles...

yay! i passed biochemistry! the final grades were posted today, and i am so happy to say that biochemistry and i will never have to be on that level together ever again. i'm just so relieved to have that and gross anatomy behind me, since those were the 2 exact classes that were giving me so many issues last year. i'm doing well in everything else, and if things go as planned, i'll be walking out of school in may as an M2-to-be!

in physiology and histology we are learning about the kidneys. the kidneys are not speaking out to me as beautifully as the cardiovascular system. i have no desires to be a nephrologist, and i don't think you could pay me enough to deal with that either. next up is the endocrine system...maybe that will be a little more interesting to me.

the state of the union address is playing in the background. i'm not personally watching it...i'd just rather hear the commentaries tomorrow. it's like, let me say a sentence then everyone clap, another sentence, clap, phrase, clap, blah! i can't handle it!

also, my school schedule is so NICE now. having class from 10-12 most days of the week is so great. i'm going to be sad when the pace picks up a little more in a month or so.


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Congratulations! That's great, M.