Tuesday, January 15, 2008

gross board, morgue, and eating healthy!

so we got back our gross board scores, and it's nice to know that i did above the national average. i'm quite pleased with myself, even if my final class average is only marginally above passing, that i was able to do better than half the nation of medical students taking the board. i guess i was able to learn something by the end of it all! and that i'm surrounded by incredibly smart people too...

tomorrow we are getting our final developmental anatomy grades. i hope i end up in the B range, just so i can say that i have a B. a B would be nice. actually, just to be "class average", now that would be fantastic! but you know what they say, C = MD, and i'm just fine with that as well. upward trends, that's what i'm aiming for in the long run.

i also got to meet the morgue coordinator at my school because i want to see an autopsy or two. yes, i am interested in pathology, and i think if i still think it's cool after participating in an autopsy, then maybe it really WILL be a valid career option. granted, a weird option, but a good job nonetheless.

this thursday i'm shadowing the genetics folks. i think that is really interesting too, and so therefore it will be good to watch them at their job.

oh, and today in class we talked about fat people and myocardial infarctions, etc. a mostly direct quote from my professor giving advice about healthy diets:

"go to your local picadilly, go to the fattest guy there, look at what's on his plate and don't eat that. it's going to be meat, buttered rolls, and the only green is going to be the dollar bills that he used to pay for his food."

ha, that actually sounds like good solid advice to me!

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