Monday, January 07, 2008

ekg, anyone?

about time for some updates...

since getting back into school, we've been learning how to read ekg's in physiology. that is some cool stuff right there. well, being of the engineering persuasion (hello b.s. in chemical engineering anyone?), i really enjoy looking at graph-like things and also being able to use math equations to figure out stuff like heart rate, ejection rate, and the like. ok, they are silly little algebra exercises, but fun, nonetheless. it's really cool to know that now i can look at an ekg and tell you what is going on with that person. from right/left shifts, arrhythmias, infarctions, various hypertrophies and fibrillations, etc, i feel kinda like i'm learning how to be a doctor now. it feels good, real good.

also we have this patient simulator program that is really cool. you can do all sorts of things to your "patient" and also load various patients in and make them do stuff. the default patient is named Mr. Norm. today i tried to make Mr. Norm die, just to be a little sadistic. (it's not my fault! my friend JR made his Mr. Norm die a bazillion times, so i was jealous!) well, i made Mr. N run on a treadmill at a rate of 6 mph, then i gave him some anesthesia and told him to run some more. he told me "i feel confused". so i gave him some electric shocks to wake him up, as well as some other sort of stimulant. he then said "i can't talk vewy bell". so then i made him run some more, and then added some other various chemicals and treatments, and then ultimately he just convulsed. he convulsed a lot, and then after a while he wouldn't do anything else but convulse, and the autopsy report said "mostly dead". so in the end i just brain-deaded Mr. Norm, and he convulsed on in a coma whenever i did something to him. meanwhile, JR was making his Mr. Norms die all over the place. he later told me he was giving his Mr. N 90% heart blockages and full fat 5000 cal/day diets while making him do all sorts of horrible things. (oh, and the program really does "tell" you things, like "the patient might be dead!".)

also, i know i have officially passed gross and developmental anatomies!!! we got word today that the whole class passed the national board exam, and our class average was 2/3 standard deviation above the national average, which is quite nice. so that is quite exciting indeed! since i was passing both classes before the board, and then knowing that everyone passed the board, then i can only logically conclude that i passed those classes just fine!!! yay!

i have biochem board on monday, blah! oh well, it's about time for that class to be over anyway. no worries though, i've been studying for it.

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the evil resident said...

That simulator program seems pretty cool. I wish I had one. It might help with channelling some of my frustrations.

But the 5,000 kcal/day thing reminded me of an ICU attending I worked with when I was a 4th year med student. He had actually gotten a grant to study the utility of liquified Big Macs (he threw intact Big Macs into a Waring blender) for feeding ICU patients. (This was obviously before that movie "Supersize Me" came out.) I wonder if he ever got his paper published.