Tuesday, December 30, 2008

a return to sanity...

i say return to sanity because these past few days have been SO NICE...i have to pinch myself at times! for example: am i really baking all this delicious food? am i really laying on the couch? did i not just watch SIX STRAIGHT EPISODES of TOP CHEF on the youtubes while KNITTING A SCARF? did i just manage to fold and put away all my laundry?

i know i said that i would be posting a ton over the break, but you know how that goes...i should just not promise things anymore...hahaha. also, if anybody out there wants me to blog on a certain topic, or answer questions, i'd be happy to do so...just leave a comment or send me an email. sometimes i feel at a loss of what to type...i'm sure there are more interesting things i can say besides the "omg this is gross!" or "i feel blah" types of posts!

now would be an appropriate time to have some reflections of the first half of 2nd year...wouldn't you think? ok, i'll do it then...


during the first half we had 3 test blocks and covered all kinds of topics. school started out decently, i'm learning a lot of new things, feeling good about school...most importantly, it's going SO MUCH BETTER than first year. (and you can read ALL about my M1 experience(s) in this blog if you have some spare time and have nothing else going on!) best of all, i can go into a test and expect to do decently, heck, i can do well on a test by my standards! i don't worry about "omg is this going to be a fix-it-later test grade", i just go in, take a test, and voila! all done. i don't know if i've said it on this blog, but i do get test anxiety and psych myself out pretty well. an i'm AWESOME at narrowing choices down to 2 and picking the wrong one. or just flat out picking the wrong answer, even when i know what the right one is. i don't seem to have that problem on standardized tests, so i'm really banking on doing decent on the STEP 1 exam.

as far as friendships go, i feel like i've gotten closer to more people in the class, and that is always a great thing. these are my future coworkers! my future consults! my future referrals! there are a lot of cool people in my class and it's great getting to know some of them better...then again there are some duds, and i'm good at avoiding people too. haha. life is too short to deal with stupidity and ignorance if i don't have to, so i don't.

let's see if i can remember the topics i've covered:

genetics: bayesian analysis, more in depth talk of disorders.
pharm: HA!
path: let's see, everything BUT the private parts, hormones, and i don't know what else.
micro: everything but viruses. boo. (i don't like micro...not only is it annoying, it has gotten me kind of freaked out about LIFE.)
icm: what, this was a class?

i like how during M2 year (at least at my school) we get to actually chill out for a week or so after each test week. last year we were getting tested once a week! no time to relax! i would like to see my cortisol levels though per test block...during test weeks i'm mentally just on edge, and i seem to drop a lot of f-bombs...in fact i think i make up new words and sing songs to them. during the last test block i had this strange infatuation with beyonce's latest song "all the single ladies (put a ring on it)" and kept trying to dance awkwardly to it. methinks i was going crazy?

being in charge of the pediatric interest group has been fun as well. i have a great VP and we are a good team getting all the mundane tasks under control. (that reminds me, i need to start sending out emails!) i've already planned dates for our next 3 meetings, and i need to get some volunteers for some volunteering and all that jazz. alas. NOT doing this again in the future, but hey, it builds up my resume and gives me some street cred with the peds department.

research was fun...my paper is currently in the hands of the second author getting some touch-ups. the conference i went to was fun...it's always nice to be around a bunch of nerds. i love nerds. plus traveling to a big city by myself, staying with complete strangers, and navigating busy subways while pulling luggage was a great learning experience for me. while i didn't get into the research program i wanted to, it was a blessing in disguise...i didn't need extra busy work on my plate, and i had already accomplished what that program wanted its participants to do. touche!

so at this point in my M2 journey, i need to start focusing on STEP 1 study. actually, i may pop open my anatomy review book with a nice cup of coffee at my favorite coffee shop in town for a nice hour or so of reading. i may also get a head start on my thank you notes for christmas. you know, i think i'll do the reading...i don't want to go back to school on MONDAY (gasp!!!) and be completely brain dead. and then i need to go to the gym today...i've got 2 weddings i'm in (may and july) PLUS i want to do venture into the world of sprint triathlons...but my whole "i can't run a mile yet" is in the way of that...haha. but no worries, i've got biking and swimming down already.

until next post!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

merry christmas eve!

wow, this holiday so far has been B.U.S.Y. yesterday was really the first day i had to just relax, and i wish i could crawl back in bed. i'm not going to...i'm going to try and resist the evil bed monster so i can keep myself from getting into the sleep till 10:00 pattern. i will be going home for an overnight trip after lunch...that should be fun. i hope it's more relaxing than the trip home i did a few days ago. there's nothing like going home and being greeted by a bazillion people, half of whom AREN'T your family. it was just a bit overwhelming to say the least. i was also a witness to what happens when parents don't discipline their child...said child was running around screaming and terrorizing the dogs (poor dogs!!! they were so freaked out all night.) and rolling around on the floor, touching EVERYTHING, and the whole time the parents did absolutely nothing. sheesh! i know for a fact that i didn't do that, and that's because my parents would have spanked me so hard i would have KNOWN to immediately stop. (that's right, i am pro-spanking, but also, pro-EFFECTIVE-time outs.) it was kind of sad when you think about it...that kid can't help but be the horrible brat he is because he's never been TOLD the right thing to do. some discipline can do WONDERS...aaak!

things i have baked so far: lemon cupcakes with vanilla cream cheese icing, chocolate cupcakes with festive mint cream cheese icing, 4-layer red velvet cake, and i'm about to shape some wheat and white bread loaves for their final rising. i think i'm going to convert some of the white bread into cinnamon raisin bread or cinnamon rolls. it's the same process, but one gets cut into smaller pieces and the other doesn't. i'm baking a cake for my friend's birthday party on the 27th...i'm still in the midst of heavy research! i just gotta do it all RIGHT. i'm thinking lemon cake...white chocolate ganache...raspberries??? too many choices!

and so after that last paragraph, is it any surprise that all the presents i have received thus far involve COOKING? my friends and family must all know my passions OR have ulterior motives...hahaha. in any case, i like it because that means i can cook MORE...i'll need to have a dinner party before the break is over so i can break in all my new gear.

when am i going to study for the step? hahaha...that's right...ugh! i think today i may bring a book with me when i go home, but no stress. i'll most likely wait until after this weekend is over to do anything related to school.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

ugh. stupid politics.

ok, so a quick post just to let those of you who read my blog read some articles that are going to prompt a VERY substantial post in the future...if i didn't have an evil MICRO TEST that i was cramming for tomorrow at 9 am i would definitely lay out my thoughts now...

washington post article

liberal blog post from daily kos (hey, not all liberal things are evil...)

basically, just a quick opinion...if a patient comes to you and says "i want you to do ___ for me", and if you the doctor are morally/ethically/religiously opposed, then tell the patient "i'm sorry, but i don't do ___, but here is a place where you can go to get ___ where it is SAFE and done/given in a HEALTHY WAY." seriously people, is it that hard? this ruling is going to let people just say "GO AWAY I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR HEALTH AND I HOPE YOU ROT AND DIE." ok, maybe that sentence was harsh, but jeeeez...are we not doctors? do we not look out for our patients? DO WE NOT REMEMBER THE HIPPOCRATIC OATH WE ALL HAVE SAID?

the way i see it...all the anti-abortionists out there (the ones who allow zero exceptions and mock the "health of the mother", etc) are telling all future rapists that THEY THE RAPIST ARE FREE TO CHOOSE the mothers of their bastard children without ANY consequences. (oooh, look at that woman over there...i think she'll be the one! and then her! and her! have i met my "i must forcibly create 10 conceptions a day while ruining the lives of innocent women" quota yet?)

is that the society we live in? since men rule the world, men will still rape women. that is a sad fact of life. i'm sorry, but if i were raped by some crazy psycho in a horribly brutal way, i think i would like to at least have a choice of "do i or don't i", and i would like to know that there is a doctor somewhere out there who can help me in a safe manner.

i bet the super conservatives don't see the picture that way.

alas, back to micro. i'll talk more about this later. sorry for getting so riled up, but this is a very important issue to me.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


this is sooo crazy!

if i were the pediatric brain surgeon and saw THAT, i think i would have pooped my pants!

wow...i hope the kid heals up and goes on to have a full and wonderful life.

next 2 tests: micro. aaak!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

path sucked.

yeah, that's right.

hopefully i'm just overreacting...haha.

nap time.

3 more left!


UPDATE: didn't suck as bad as i thought! actually did A-OK! and also, in M2 year they seriously are on speed getting the grades posted. i kind of like it.

Monday, December 15, 2008

ah, yes, test week

had first test today in pharmacology. boo. it also had 4 genetics questions on it. the way genetics goes at my school...either you make a GOOD grade or a crappy one. hopefully i made more towards the good end of things...

tomorrow is pathology. hopefully it will be ok...i'm sure it will. or it will at least be decent. better than today.

can't wait till friday!

also, i'm keeping a list of good blog topics to post on over the break...so if i seem like i'm being lazy on my end...just think...frylime will have a bazillion posts over the break! yay!

ok, study time. chao.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


what did i do tonight for my study break?

that's right, i took a trip to the peds ER. i'm lucky in that my preceptor doctor also has a few shifts in the peds ER, so i tagged along to see 2 hours of fun filled SORE THROATS! HEADACHES! etc etc. best of all though, I GOT TO REDUCE AN UMBILICAL HERNIA!!! AND WATCH IT POP OUT!!! AND THE BABY JUST GIGGLED! hee hee...it was fun...nice and squishy. the doctor i was with kept apologizing for how "boring" it was, but honestly, i was having fun! i had to remind him that the only patients i had really seen were genetics patients, and those histories are craaaaazy long. these were mildly satisfying because it was in a room, out in 5 minutes or less. but ugh...seeing sore throats and headaches everyday would just be soooo boring. (my doc also told me to NOT do general peds...he said SPECIALIZE in whatever...just specialize. and as a matter of fact, he will be doing a neuro residency next so that's that.)

tonight on my plate is DINNER and then more studying. honestly, i am just blah towards it, but it is a necessary evil. boo.

Monday, December 08, 2008

beginning of the end...

my week of tests starts 1 week from today...posting will be scarce...i think...or maybe it will be the same...haha. just throw me some good vibes and everything will be ok. my main foci for the week are pathology and microbiology...i will be having 2 micro exams next week. that class is shorter than path or pharm, so i need to make sure to hit these next 2 tests good so i don't have to worry about my grade. ok, i always worry about grades, but you know, it will be alright in the end. i am learning a lot so that's the most important thing. OH, and this week i'll be officially doing my first HISTORY. woo!!! that should be on friday...i'll try and remember to let y'all know how it goes...

in less than 2 weeks i'll be out for christmas break and i am SO EXCITED. i did some baking this weekend so i wouldn't feel the urge to bake anymore until the break. so if you have any ideas of what i should bake...leave them here!

with that, i leave you with my pink velvet cupcakes...i call them the LOVECAKES...

Friday, December 05, 2008

wordle procrastination...

this is what wordle thinks my blog looks like...har har har.

Thursday, December 04, 2008


har har...just studying up on some microbiology and thought i'd procrastinate a bit and give a shout out to Shigella dysenteriae. yeah, i have been privileged enough in my lifetime to have been blessed with shigella and man oh man, it was NOT pleasant. for those of you who don't know, shigella is a bacteria that gets in your intestines and makes you have AWFUL DIARRHEA. yes, awful. like explosive, can't control it diarrhea. the kind that you just say "i give up" and sleep on the toilet because that's all you can do. oh and the kicker is the way it's transmitted is if you eat some poop that has shigella in it. that's right...i had eaten something with POOP on it and that is how i got shigella. i think that thought is worse than the uncontrollable diarrhea! i remember my doctor asking me about every restaurant that i had been at in the past few days...i think we got it narrowed down to some bad deli meat but who knows. thankfully some antibiotics got rid of that bugger fast. all this happened in high school sometime.

there's nothing like a personal story like that to make you severely empathize with patients suffering from shigella or giardia and whatnot. plus, after recounting this story to some friends (because who doesn't like talking about poop), i realized that not many people have experienced the phenomenon of "i have to poop and i have to poop NOW and it's not waiting for me to reach the toilet before it decides to explode"! sorry if that's a bit graphic...hahaha. but it's the truth!

in other news, i'm drinking a homemade hot cocoa and it is delicious! i also made some yummy tacos for dinner with homemade salsa. and i can't wait till my break so i can bake a ton.

studying has been a bit difficult these past few days. i hope that it gets better STAT. i'm sure it will...my main focus this block is micro and path since those are the topics that we have been SLAMMED with new material. luckily, in pharm a lot of the drugs we have to learn are repeats of some of the antibiotics that i've already learned in micro, so there's at least a mini-break there.

ok, back to bacteria. woo!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

what kind of doctor will i be?

hopefully not like these doctors...

doctors should be confident, but not arrogant. and definitely not condescending. alas. i can already pinpoint people in my class who are going to fit the "bad doctor" stereotype. honestly, there's nothing that you can say or do to change some folks. (believe me, i've tried.) i feel sorry for their future patients.

this week i helped set up the pediatric toy drive and a trip to the children's hospital. we'll be going next week to deliver stickers. should be a fun time.

december 2 and i still haven't turned on my heat! haha...i enjoy my cheap energy bills...but i know i can't put up with this much longer.

tests begin in less than 2 weeks. scary. but then afterwards, BREAK...but i guess you should really call that time period STEP 1 study...blah!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

happy thanksgiving!

in about 1 hour i will be headed back home with H in tow to see my lovely family...hopefully today won't be too dysfunctional! but those types of gatherings are always fun...even more so when you can leave...hahaha!

just playing...i'm looking forward to my mama's cooking and listening to my brother and my dad bitch about football. and then there are the 3 italian greyhounds that will be wigging out all day because they are retarded. yay! and then the joy of watching H, an "outsider", watch all of the madness.

today's going to be great! i hope your turkey day is great as well.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

substantive and long post ahead

i guess it's been a while since i've posted something "real"...you know...the deep probing type of post. so here goes...

it's almost the end of november...i'll be glad when this semester is over. tests are the 3rd week of december and then i get ~2.5 weeks off for the holidays. i don't know if i'll be traveling or staying home or studying or what, but i'll be glad to not have school looming around for a few days.

i don't know if i wrote that i had applied to a research grant program at my school to fund all my research fun, but i found out a few weeks ago that i didn't get the grant. it's ok that i didn't get it...basically the "goal" of receiving the grant was to go to a national conference and present your research and get a paper published. they also wanted you to attend all these seminars too and whatnot..."busy work". well, i've already done the national conference, poster presentation, and working to get a paper published. and yes, i did pay my own money, but it went to good use. so it's no sweat off my back that i didn't get the grant...i was bummed for about 5 seconds, but then i was relieved that i didn't have to do the extra busy work. between studying and running the peds club and research and living life, i was worried that i would explode if i had any more duties thrust upon me. so yeah, blessing in disguise.

since we don't have an attendance policy, the class size can be quite small. however, today i was in class and there were only EIGHT PEOPLE! my class has a size of 117!!! i felt so bad for the professor, i really did. he was an older man doing his job, albeit a bit boringly, but not the absolute worst lecturer! i was just embarassed that my class doesn't come anymore...but at the same time, i know a lot of people don't go anymore because they can study more efficiently and effectively on their own. and yes, i know not every professor can be great, but i just feel bad sometimes when they don't get students to come and listen. how will they know how to improve if there's nobody there to give them feedback?

since people don't come to class anymore, i hardly see certain people. that in itself is sad...because we're going to be strangers come 3rd year when we have to work with each other. it's just sad...it seems like there are secret factions in the library...people grouping together and studying furiously at all hours of the day. the way certain people act towards me has changed, and that makes me sad. i know i certainly haven't changed, and i know for a fact that i am not a "gunner" person. but maybe some people think i am secretly one? if they do, then they're stupid. i just want to graduate and be a doctor. i guess i'm thinking about this now because i just entered into a favorite coffee shop of mine and saw a group of people from school that i would consider "school friends". they pretty much just ignored me...i did say hello, but from their body language and whatnot, it was clear to me that my presence was not wanted. alas...i'm allowed into this public space! i like to study in coffee shops too! within 10 minutes of me arriving, they had all left. was it coincidence? i sure do hope so...because the alternative is that since i showed up, they had been "caught" and had to leave. i'm glad that when i usually come here i'm the lone medical student...the store owner/awesome barista knows i'm in school and whatnot, but i guess even she can sense that i'm not "the same" as the others. oh well.

i'm not lamenting the loss of friends...i've got plenty of really good and awesome friends that i can count on 2+ hands. what more could i want? i just think the competitiveness is stupid. i am not your competition. at least not now, hopefully never, and if you decided to play that "game", then you're the stupid one. you only play against yourself in the world of doctor-dom...not against your colleague. you should strive to better yourself and bolster up your friends, not look at them shiftily and keep secrets...is it not our common goal to help our patients? alas.

i can't wait for thurday! thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, and i've already practiced making my 2 pies for my family...pumpkin pie and chocolate "pudding" pie. i say pudding loosely because it's "harder" than a pudding, but not completely solid as a brick. and it's got tofu in it! i know, you wouldn't believe how good it tastes...hahaha.

ok, i'm going to start typing up my lecture from today. luckily, the one i was assigned only lasted 30 minutes instead of the normal 50. and don't think i'm depressed...i've just been wanting to say a bunch of stuff for a while now, and today provided a good time to do it

Saturday, November 22, 2008

blog type

this is cool...a myers-briggs test for your blog!

the real life frylime is an ENTP...interesting that my blog is ESFP...the whole "rarely initiate confrontation" is so NOT me...i'm all about calling people out on their stupidity...ha! and i'm an obsessive planner...i can "live in the moment" as they say, but i also like to make sure that i have a rough idea of my plans for the day so i don't get lost. also, my apartment looks like a boy could live there...so much for the soft fabrics bit. maybe blogs really are a form of "alter-ego" or something like that...well, just so you know, here is my blog's personality type:

ESFP - The Performers

The entertaining and friendly type. They are especially attuned to pleasure and beauty and like to fill their surroundings with soft fabrics, bright colors and sweet smells. They live in the present moment and don´t like to plan ahead - they are always in risk of exhausting themselves.

The enjoy work that makes them able to help other people in a concrete and visible way. They tend to avoid conflicts and rarely initiate confrontation - qualities that can make it hard for them in management positions.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


this morning i logged into my usmle website and found out that i can register for the step 1 today! therefore, i did thanks to online registering. may 27...that is the golden day. woo!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

conference recap

so i got home last night from the genetics conference and boy oh boy, i had fun! there were so many interesting talks that i got to listen to...there was even a talk given by the man who discovered transposons! my poster presentation went pretty well...basically i just stood by my poster while people wandered around and stopped to ask questions. the folks who stopped by my poster all left going "ooooh, interesting!" and so that made me happy.

overall, the talks i went to were really cool. one presentation gave evidence for the idea that some genetic diseases are caused by mutations in genes that are the promoters for the genes widely known to cause the disease. basically, for disease X, say that science has proven that gene A is the culprit. therefore, if gene A has a mutation in it, you will have disease X. to take it a step further, say that in order for gene A to work, it has to be "turned on" by gene B. well, this group has proved that if you have a problem in gene B, you can have a less severe course of disease X. gene A works fine, however, it doesn't get turned on by gene B. see...that is some major stuff right there! another presentation talked about how to improve symptoms/quality of life for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy patients by injecting particular genetic sequences to "convert" the disease to Becker Muscular Dystrophy, which is not as bad as DMD. i thought that was super cool. plus i went to an autism session where there were tons of "i think i've discovered a new spot that causes autism" type presentations. super cool.

the city that the conference was in was so cool...i hope to go back and visit again. i LOVE subways and trains! and i ate a cupcake from a cupcake bakery!

today i slept in, ate some breakfast, and then vacuumed my entire apartment. now i'm sneezing...coincidence? probably. on my list of things to do today are eat lunch, go to the grocery store to get items necessary to make PUMPKIN MUFFINS and SQUASH SOUP, and read the heck out of some pathology book. and pharm book. and micro...aak! (all my attempts at studying during my flights were all thwarted by nosy passengers..."oooh, is that a medical book? are you a doctor? oooh, a student? omg!!!" or by me falling asleep. alas.)

but i had fun. bottom line. yay!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

i hate airports

trip to conference so far:

- was told i was "too late" to check in...however, i had no check in bags. therefore i still technically had 3 minutes left? something new to me. ugh.

- connecting flight in atlanta is hopefully not going to be missed since atlanta is on a flying freeze. ugh.

- my flight is delayed as well. ugh.

so i'm just hanging out. blah!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

even med students are stupid

i'm in the process of baking some peanut butter oatmeal raisin cookies...put them on wax paper...put them in oven...see smoke...yeah. i'm stupid. you're not supposed to ever bake with wax paper! now i have a smoky apartment...but soon i'll have delicious cookies. yum!

update: i burned the heck out of the cookies. alas, karma. i'll have to wait till i get from my conference to redeem myself...i'll probably make some pumpkin bread.

Friday, November 07, 2008

friday rundown

hello internet world, it's me, frylime.

this week has been so crazy. can i break it down to ya, day-by-day style?

monday: can i even remember monday? i don't know what i did on monday. oh well. i assume i studied, freaked out, worked on my poster, worked on my paper, and freaked out a bit more. lot of obama hoping going on as well.

tuesday: VOTED!!! wore my obama logo t-shirt. picked up the uber cool PIG t-shirts! i have included the logo that yours truly created. for as long as i've known, the pediatric interest group has been dubbed "PIG"...does it make sense? this is not the full shirt, but i figured i could give you the logo without totally outing myself...haha. i know it's simple, but i wanted us to have a simple, plain t-shirt that looked a bit whimsical. they were offered in royal blue and also an azalea pink color...for some reason the pink shirts dominated like 4 to 1. har har. yeah and i folded a ton of shirts. also caught the mccain and obama speeches. had some wine. woo.

wednesday: delivered said PIG t-shirts. ran all over campus. did i register for STEP 1 this day? i think i did. worked furiously on poster. omg. so glad to get it done, let my advisor's GC look at it. (genetic counselor, for all you out there.) went to a friend's birthday gathering. ate a hamburger.

thursday: read a bunch of newsweek articles. studied pathology. we're doing cardiology at this point. also, went to see a dermatologist. dropped the "i'm in med school" bit. he ended up not charging me for the visit...and i can't decide if it was because i had no need for follow up (i basically went because i started freaking out over some moles and my vitiligo [seriously, the spot is so small on my nose that nobody notices it]...knowing a little bit about everything is kind of dangerous) OR because he was helping out a poor med student. he even gave me some free samples of tacrolimus for the vitiligo. when they said "no charge", i just ran outta that office just in case they decided to change their minds...haha. i called my dad up and said "i think i've reached the inner sanctum of becoming a doctor". also i gave a 5 minute talk to the M1s about doing research work during their summer off. (my mentor made me do it.) the talk went great, though i'm kind of spastic when i do public speaking, but everyone laughed with me and kept bobbing their heads up and down like they were "getting me", so i figure i came off "approachable" and "normal" instead of "super spastic" like i think i did. made chicken noodle soup for dinner from complete scratch.

friday: look at poster one more time. it's one smart looking poster. submit for printing. hope that it isn't crappy once it gets printed. also mail in my ID certification form to the STEP 1 people. pray that the post office doesn't eat it somehow. finally pin down someone to headline the next PIG meeting, and reserve the room to have it in. currently sitting in a coffee shop trying to mend my brain from studying ischemic heart disease and antiarrhythmic drugs.

so there you have it, my week. i realize that my writing is really stream of consciousness, and you know what? i don't care. i could be the next faulkner, or better yet, the next milan kundera. i just love his work! (i never got through my one faulkner book i was supposed to read. ha, yeah, i suck.)

also, the life of a med student is just GO GO GO GO GO. i swear, this week went by so fast because it was just nonstop action. this weekend is going to be some serious catchup study time, and luckily we have tuesday coming up off. then i'm at the conference on thursday and friday and saturday...aaaaaah! can i just have some tranquilizers now? or, i think i could handle just a beer. ok i will stop now, probably freaking you guys out. but one more big tip before i go, POTENTIAL MED STUDENTS, get thee a PLANNER and SCRIBBLETH IN IT OFTEN. seriously, if i didn't have a planner i think my head would explode.

that is all.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


i'm just thankful that i was a part of it. congratulations senator obama, and do our country proud.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


do your job as a united states citizen and GO VOTE.

Monday, November 03, 2008



ok, i didn't register for the exact DATE i will be taking the test, but i have just registered and paid and i will be taking the test sometime during the "3 month block" of "may-june-july 2009". scary!!! ha, my parents paid for it...considered it as an early christmas present...hahaha.

wow, just wow.

ok, working on poster presentation for next week. such is the life of a med student...no time to spaz, must keep moving on...alas!


Saturday, November 01, 2008

it's definitely cold outside

i guess you could say that the area that i live in has made the transition into fall. i LOVE fall. i love most seasons, but i guess you could say the hierarchy is fall, spring, summer, winter. i say winter last because i hate getting my face frozen off as i walk across the street to school every day. granted, i've never truly experienced snow, but that is a different story.

last night my school had a halloween party. H and i almost decided not to go, but decided to at last minute. the party was pretty "chill" compared to last year. we got our cheap beers and sat on the side and just people watched. there were a lot of slutty costumes, but not as much as last year. actually, there weren't as many people this year there than last year, but i think that had to do with a bunch of folks traveling to their alma maters to watch football games. still, there were a few costumes that were cool: a group of tetris blocks, some sarah palins, lot of "juno and skeezers". i was just happy that nobody had my costume idea. granted, i didn't dress up too much...i just put on a bridesmaid dress that happened to be pepto-bismol pink and painted a wide "sash" to go around me like a bottle label. i was going to do a hat, but didn't feel like doing the effort. i made H pin an H.pylori on his shirt so he at least had a costume on. in the end i enjoyed myself.

this morning i'm trying to will myself to read pathology. we're doing the cardiovascular system which is interesting to me, i guess since i've worked around it before. our blocks are normally 6 weeks long, with the 6th week being test week. this time, however, it's a bit longer to match up with the holidays. we have so many different topics going on that i do not want to get behind.

today i will also be working on my paper and the poster. i got a lot of good feedback on my paper, so i just need to SHORE UP the content, edit grammar errors, and format my tables and references. as for the poster, that will be an exercise in anal retentiveness. it needs to be done in approx 2 weeks since i'll be presenting it at that conference. i'm excited about going to it because the city it's in has a SUBWAY...i'm going to have FUN riding the subway.

i do need to go to the gym today to get my reccommended 30 minutes of cardio. i also have a bridal shower at 5:00. i don't know about you, but 5:00 for a bridal shower (more specifically, a lingerie shower of a decidedly more non-conservative theme), isn't that a bit early? it's not like i'm going to a "passion party" (which are usually totally awkward to go to, of reasons i shall not explain on this blog, but if you're brave you can google it) or whatever, but i would have thought more like 7 in the evening or something. alas, i didn't plan it, so no complaining.

ok, reading time. topic du jour: arteriosclerosis.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

the monster ahead: STEP 1

today we are going to have an informative lunch session about all things STEP 1 related. we're going have M3s talk to us about their experience with it, as well as the nitty gritty "when to apply" kind of stuff as well. it's scary but also kind of exciting that i'm almost at the point where i take that awful test that all other M2s in the nation will be taking. i want to do really well so it can help "make up" for my colorful academic career thus far...i have a strength in taking standardized exams, so hopefully i will be able to use this to my advantage.

this past weekend my lovely parents let me go on a mini-shopping spree for school clothes...specifically business casual pants. (i am in LOVE with ann taylor loft PETITES!) i was quite productive...it's always nice when you lose weight so that old pants don't fit, but at the same time slightly aggravating...i always hate having to get pants because it's just such an ordeal to find them that will fit me and also be the right length. but now i have some that are awesome so no more complaining.

next week i'm supposed to go to a lunch that is for M1s interested in summer research. i think my role will be to say a few words about my awesome experience. i do truly recommend doing some research during you life, just because it's fun to be able to discover something new. i'm going to a conference soon for my research...my goal this week is to finish my paper and then work on my poster for that conference. completely doable...i think.

last night after i studied my aminoglycosides (antibiotics) i went on a cleaning rampage...or at least a "sort all my recycling" rampage...everything is sorted and ready for me to take to the recycling bins. i can't believe that i allowed myself to let things build up so badly. i'll do that tomorrow. also i made some kick-butt banana bread the other day, and it is quite delicious. i'm thinking about making some pumpkin spice stuff to get me all into the holidays.

speaking of holidays, i think for halloween i will be dressing up as pepto-bismol...woo!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

test week is over, and flu shots

first let me say that i am SO GLAD that tests are over! my next round of tests isn't until december, so i can rest easy for a bit. or be cramming more...haha. i can proudly say that i am definitely still in the game. can i also say that M2 year is SO MUCH BETTER than M1 year? i finally feel that i am at a point where i just "get it". not necessarily in the way that i know every single detail that is necessary for 100% test scores, but i feel like i just have a better understanding of how things are working in school and in the real world. for example, when i look at a tube of neosporin and read the ingredients list, i know exactly how those ingredients work and what bugs they target, etc. that is cool, in my opinion.

and now to answer a question that was in a comment about my "get your flu shots" post:

When you finish test week can you write a blog persuading us why a flu shot is a good idea?

ok, now i can finally answer that question. well, let me answer on two levels:

personal level:

i chose to get a flu shot because of my academic situation. at this point i can simply not afford to take a week or so off from school because i'm sick. and shame on me if that sickness was preventable, or mostly preventable. granted, i don't have to go to class because there is no attendance policy, but i shudder at the thought of all the days of missed studying. and since i'm kinda crappy at cramming, might as well try to prevent the flu from invading my body. plus, my school is situated where i have plenty of hospital exposures, so i would have more exposures than the average person to sick people. plus plus, my hospital gives out flu shots for free to students and employees. nice!

"broader" level:

for the rest of the nonmedical world, i guess getting a flu shot is up to your discretion. i never got one until i was in college, and the reason there was because my roommate at the time got the flu and she was out of commission for DAYS. (i guess getting the flu shot after my roomie was diagnosed with the flu was a bit dumb, but i didn't get the flu!) i haven't knowingly had the flu (knock on wood) so getting a shot never crossed my mind. but i guess for the rest of the world, you should consider your potential "exposures". like, if you worked in a really crowded place, maybe you should get a flu shot. or if you worked with a lot of children or elderly people, maybe you should get a flu shot so you wouldn't be spreading the flu to people who have weaker immune systems. that's just my 2 cents, don't know if it's scientifically "valid" or whatever. just kind of going off my common sense there.

that's all folks!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

3rd test today

all i can say is...


that is all.

Friday, October 17, 2008

200th post!

yay for the 200 mark! how exciting!

just a quick note to say that the pediatric interest group meeting yesterday went REALLY well, and i am looking forward to planning more. everyone likes the t-shirts! yay! we had some of the peds residents speak, and it just turned out great. i know i learned a lot and they gave some excellent advice.

in micro we gram stained and checked out our throat culture colonies, and i have some weird bugs in there. at least 2 different types of strep and neisseria! aaaak! but not THAT kind of neisseria...hahaha. (folks who don't know about neisseria, just do a google search...yours truly does NOT have that kind of neisseria.) though i must admit that i was shocked when i saw that organism under the microscope, but a lot of people in my class had that bug growing in their throats. evidently it's part of the normal flora...who would have thunk it?

also, cool link about cpr. i think i should try to remember this!

alright, i probably won't post for a few days since i have the dreaded WEEK OF TESTS next week. gotta get my game face on!

also also, GET YOUR FLU SHOTS! i got mine yesterday.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

ugh, monday of hell

ok, so it's only wednesday and i'm hoping that this week gets better, because my monday was horrible! oh, why don't i elaborate!
  • wake up monday morning, look in the mirror. FACE COVERED IN RED HIVES. yeah, that's what happens when you use benzoyl peroxide after many years of NOT using it. decide to go to school anyway.
  • mid morning on monday, go to student health and get diphenhydramine cream and commence slathering my face. hives begin to go away.
  • late afternoon on monday, my right temporomandibular joint starts to have PAIN! and it STILL HURTS. i wonder if it's connected to the hives...blah. just makes eating a bit more fun than normal. (sarcasm.)
  • evening on monday, my throat starts to hurt and i am beginning to have a productive cough. at least in micro lab this week we're doing throat swabs so maybe i can diagnose myself.
  • tuesday i realize that i have some sort of sensitivity to gross lab smells...i have been exposed to the smells of gross lab 3-4 times this year (through the M1s) and every time, i get hot, start sweating, get a headache, and my face starts to get numb. like, when i say hot, if i'm wearing glasses the lenses fog up, and nobody else around me is hot. maybe PTSD? HA.
that's pretty much it. at least there's another debate tonight. i like watching them.

and lots of studying. blah blah. i still hate pharm.

Friday, October 10, 2008

old love, found

if any of you should wonder what my new procrastination is these days, wonder no more...


omg, i used to play tetris so much! it's my latest study crack...hahaha.

1 more week until test week! currently learning some asthma and GI drugs, and no, they don't really go together easily...

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

this and that

studying some micro at the moment...woo.

i made a t-shirt design for the club i'm president in...i got a lot of "aaaw that's cute", which is good, since it's for the peds group...haha. i'm really excited about the shirts...it will our "stamp" on the club this year, and that makes me really happy.

all this economy stuff needs to get fixed or something...too many people i know (myself included) are having a nail-biting time with their stocks and mutual funds and retirement plans.

i'm glad the presidential debate last night finally talked some about health care.

one of my classes FINALLY decided to update their test grades. (they had been withholding some bonus points.) at the end of that particular test, 4 short answer/essay type questions were asked, with the promise of "up to 2 points" each if you got them correct, or mostly correct...haha. somehow i managed to add about 5 points to my grade! definitely a happy time.

allergies have been driving me crazy...stupid flower sperm!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

staphylococcus aureus

ok, now after sitting through a 2 hour lecture on staph aureus, i am officially scared poop-less of contracting an infection! all the nasty pictures, all the innocent cuts and bruises, all turning into scary antibiotics-don't-work infections!

one upsetting photo showed a contact lens on an agar plate. there were so much bacteria growing out of that lens! the professor also said "i will never let my children wear contacts", and I WEAR CONTACTS! i started freaking out in class...i've recently changed my contacts case, so i guess that's ok. but then when i got home i immediately threw out my pair i was wearing and put on a fresh new clean pair. (i'm supposed to wear my lenses for a month and throw them out, but i admit i stretch it out for longer than that.) i'm also going to make an appt with my optometrist to get a new glasses prescription so i can find a new pair that i can wear all day. (my current pair, i can wear them for a few hours at a time, but all day wearing and i get a crazy headache from the ear pieces.) i'm scared!

so yes, the hypochondriac in me is coming out in full force. i was wondering when it would start. during immunopath i convinced myself that i have an autoimmune disorder (i have big reactions to mosquito bites, a teeny patch of vitiligo, and intermittent asthma). after i undiagnosed that unknown disease, now i have micro to tend with...boo! staph aureus is evil!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

potential freaking out!

i looked at my calendar today and GASP after this week there will only be THREE WEEKS LEFT UNTIL THE NEXT TEST BLOCK.

that, my friends, is quite frightening. i have been studying this block, don't get me wrong, but i need to ramp it up another notch. i want my scores on these next tests to be better on the first set...not only will it look nice to see a positive trend, but omg such an ego boost! hahaha...

i've been making all these delightful flashy cards...currently working on a micro set. just have to remember to READ them after i'm done making them.

today we had an ENT (or otolaryngology, for all you nerds) lecture, nothing too crazy. more of the "what is ENT?" type of lecture, complete with gross nasty pictures of open sores in mouths, gaping neck wounds, cystic vocal cords, etc etc. my surgery rotation is going to be horrible, i can already tell...

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

some housekeeping

a few days ago i got a comment that goes something like this:

I think your blog is terrific, and I would like to feature you on Wellsphere (http://www.wellsphere.com). Would you drop me an email?
Good health!
Geoffrey W. Rutledge, MD, PhD

turns out, i'm not super special. this is a stock comment this person (or robot, perhaps?) has put on multiple health related blogs. grrr! haha, oh well, doesn't bother me. i did some google searching and turns out it's kind of scam-ish...this person wants you to allow him/her to put your blog on his/her site for free. free as in "we won't pay you". i say screw that! there are claims of "increased traffic" to your site. well, not many folks read my little bloggy, and it doesn't really bother me. this blog is for my sanity, first and foremost, not to gain notariety and internet prestige. so to borrow some words from sarah palin, "thanks but no thanks!"

i will say that the comment roused some fears in my brain, so i've updated/made more visible some copyright statements and HIPAA stuffs on the right hand side of the blog. technically, you don't have to claim copyright on stuff that is your personal thoughts because it's already implied...BUT i just wanted to cover my bases. you know how that goes. if anyone sees content from my blog anywhere else on the interwebz without an obvious "this came from frylime's blog" statement, then it was stolen and that will make frylime very unhappy. i can very much unleash my half asian "angry asian" qualities...don't make me do it! (a side note: the laid back white half of me keeps the angry asian half at bay...haha.)

in school news, i have finally finished creating my adrenergic and cholinergic pharm flash cards. now i got to start working on GI and asthma drug cards, and then also some micro cards as well. and after creating them, i've actually got to start USING them! haha, so much work! the next few weeks before the next test block will be very busy. a snapshot of what i'm learning at the moment:
  • path - red and white blood cell disorders (ex: anemias, leukemias, etc)
  • pharm - PNS (peripheral nervous system), GI stuff, asthma
  • micro - intro to bugs! i think we're starting bug types this week...
  • genetics - had a lipid lecture
  • ICM - lots of ophtho...lots of yucky eyeballs. i HATE watching eyeball surgery! though yesterday i did learn how to wield an ophthalmoscope. woo!
have a great day folks! toodles!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

micro lab!

i've been growing bugs this week! i've never been in a micro lab before, and i must admit i am enjoying myself! i successfully streaked plates and isolated various colonies! i also gram stained!!! woo! i also swabbed in between my toes for an "environmental" plate and only grew ONE colony...one of my friends swabbed behind her boyfriend's ears and it grew some freaky stuff...so my toes are cleaner than his ears! hahaha...i found that humorous. my toe colony grew gram-positive cocci, nothing marvelous. my lab prof said that he knew it wasn't strep, so that was comforting.

other than that, study study study!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

motorcycle accident

this weekend i made my first 911 call.

H and i were driving down the interstate. (well, he was driving, i was sitting shotgun.) H saw in the rearview mirror some motorcyclists driving up on the left hand lane really fast (at least faster than the speed limit and the traffic surrounding them). he says something like "what is he doing", and i turn around to look and watch a motorcycle and its rider do a barrel roll into the median. the guy was wearing a helmet, and the actual "crash" was on grass, but he was only wearing a t-shirt and jeans and had to have been going at least 75 mph.

H pulled over to the side of the road and i pulled out my cell phone. i dialed 911, and at first it just rang and rang and rang with nobody answering. i hung up, dialed 911 again, and within 2 rings someone picked up. i said "i just witnessed a motocycle accident" and with H's help i gave all the necessary info for emergency folks to come in and do their thing. we stayed on the shoulder until we saw blue flashing lights, and then went our way. hopefully the guy will have suffered minimal damage, but i'm not likely going to forget that crash for a while. the wreck also occurred near the "hospital district" in my town, so hopefully it was a quick transfer as well.

the rest of the day we just kept seeing motorcyclists, some joy riding, some driving like bats out of hell. i know for a fact that i will not be getting a motorcycle anytime soon...

Friday, September 19, 2008

oh friday

today is a glorious friday. i'm currently chillaxin' on my couch. i plan to wash some dishes soon, and then head to local bookstore to study. that's the thing about being a med student...you get kind of excited about afternoons of no class and weekends because you get a nice block of study time.

the last couple days of lectures have been so painfully boring, that i am even considering not going to class. and that is saying a lot, because i am all about going to some class. hopefully it will pick up again soon.

my goal for today is to read micro (we started the bacteria...finally) intro stuff out of the textbook and "med micro made easy", read the white blood cell section in robbin's for path, and then hit up some pharm peripheral nervous system nonsense. i'll be happy if i even accomplish one of those things.

but i think my immediate goal is a nap. woo!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

flash cards, the beginning

so i've managed to finish writing up ~40 flash cards for the anti-cholinergic drugs. the unlined side says the drug name, and the lined side says the class, the receptors targeted, the therapy, and other comments the professor deemed important. for the next 2 weeks in pharm, we have "independent study". the prof said "don't read the book, read and learn what i give you", which will be interesting. i'm just glad i finished my first set of note cards. i'm wondering if each "broad class" should have a different color ink, or if i should be crazy and do them all in my trusty black ink pilot pen. (just for the record, my FAVORITE PENS EVER are the pilot precise V5 extra fine black pens. i love them in all colors, but my preferred pen is the black ink one. next would be green, then blue, then purple, then red. red is the hardest to read, especially on yellow legal pad paper, in my opinion. and they have to be extra fine tip. don't try to fool me with any other pen tip except for the extra fine. i will not be happy.)

today i also red the section in robbin's concerning the "red blood cell diseases". it was an interesting section, and i felt that i really understood it. the lecturer for the segment did a great job, and so my reading went very well.

all my test grades are NOT BACK YET. i am angered!

oh, also, i finally joined the technology bandwagon and got text messaging capacity on my cell phone. i'm 23 and just got text. oh me oh my! (i only got voicemail my senior year of college because my friends were angry with me.) i got text added today because i was tired of my friends getting angry at me still, and also tired of having to borrow other people's cell phones to text people. also also i was tired of getting texts from other people that i couldn't answer immediately due to being in a situation where jabbering on the cell phone would be highly frowned upon. and then there's the people who got mad at me for calling them back after they texted me. in addition, there are certain times when a one or two word text is all you need to say, and rather waste your minutes (or their minutes) explaining something, a simple text would have been sufficient. for example:

friend: (texts) want to do lunch later



the scenario could have been:

friend: (texts) want to do lunch later

me: (texts) sure. secret location at noon.


yeah, i'm so glad i got text messaging. and thank goodness for flashcards!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

recuperating weekend

since being done with tests on friday, i have had a good relaxing weekend. friday i went out with some friends and "unwinded", and then yesterday H and i went to a local state park and rode bikes around. i have to say, biking up them hills really kicked my butt! but it was a fun afternoon activity, even if it did smell faintly of fried chicken...here is a view from the "overlook" tower:

i know, a little bit "generic", but i thought it was pretty! later that evening we dined out with some of my friends at a thai restaurant and it was delicious.

today is my day of cleaning! which i am terribly excited to do, which i guess is kind of sad...haha. it looks like it's going to be a rainy day, which is a perfect type of day to just get some work done in my opinion. i'm also going to print out some pictures and actually hang them on WALLS. (my friends that come over always comment on the bare quality of my walls...i think i have a fear of putting nails on them or something.)

as far as school is concerned, for this next block i'm going to turn into the flashcard diva. grades are still coming back from the tests, but i feel like i need to modify my study habits. it's a totally different style of studying when the tests are 2 weeks apart versus 6 weeks apart. and during the test week, you know you're not going to study every day for every test...you're going to "cram" the material the day before the test. so i feel like making flashcards and studying them throughout the 5 weeks of study material will help that last minute studying more efficient, instead of wading through pages of notes and powerpoints, etc.

oh, also today i am going to be baking GOODIES, specifically CUPCAKE YUM YUMS, for the M1 class tomorrow. tomorrow is their first gross anatomy exam, which is a grueling 4 hour affair. (ha, i should know, i went through it TWICE!) it's tradition at my school for the M2s to provide snacks and whatnot for the M1s during the test break of the first test. (they split the class in half for the written and practical portions of the test, and then they swap in the middle.) i'm thinking that i will do a batch of banana and a batch of plain vanilla of my super delicious vegan cupcakes. i'm also thinking that i will experiment with the frosting to try and get a "swirled" affect. i may post pictures of those on my cooking blog...woo!

also, this week is PAPER WRITING week. omg, i need to finish my paper!!! i applied to this med student research thingy at my school to try and get funding for my project and all its adventures. i hope i get it because the money would be greatly appreciated, plus the whole recognition on my diploma thing would be quite nice as well.

ok, time to scrounge up breakfast and CLEAN!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

ugh, tests

i have a major headache...

blah tooth filling (supposedly i am to feel tooth sensitivity for up to 2 weeks) and blah eye strain.

yesterday i had my intro to clinical medicine exam...it was ok. i felt some of the questions were below the belt, so to speak, but still doable. when i say below belt, i mean that i was able to answer the questions because of knowledge not gained in that particular class...

today was my pathology test. it covered cell injury and inflammation, cell repair, immunopath diseases, neoplasia, and some lab technique things. 100 questions in 2 hours time. nothing was too difficult...there were definitely a few sections where i was like "hmmm, should have read that a little bit more", but only 1 or 2 questions were on topics that i had absolutely no idea about.

so far, i feel like i've passed both tests. (ha, my goal for this first round was just to pass everything...didn't want to start the bar TOO high.)

pharm is tomorrow...wish me lucks on that one! i still have a bunch of drugs to muck through, blah.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

first test week coming up!

this weekend is full of that anxiety that all students can relate to: the weekend before that first BIG test, where you cram and cram and whatnot. however, instead of 1 test to look forward to, i have 5. one every day. aaak! at least there's no class this coming up week, just tests. and only 3 of them are going to be rather difficult...2 of them are at least not so bad. or so i say that now...haha.

yesterday i did some light cleaning to prepare my place for the "weekend of studying". my apartment is usually neat, with the occasional "clutter pile", but all my piles are at least neatly piled. however, my kitchen was like a hazard zone, and my bathrooms needed a bit of shining, so i decided to just make those areas look nice so i wouldn't obsess about it. my reward for getting through this week of tests will be HARD CORE cleaning...like scrubbing walls and tubs and all that kind of loveliness. if i decide to go ALL OUT, i will even go through my closets! and yeah, i'm actually excited about the prospect of hard core cleaning my place up...i guess it's a sign of growing up...haha.

ok, so now i'm going to go over some pharm flash cards. maybe i'm just a nerd, but i like learning all the drugs...it's very practical information (obviously), but i'm glad to be learning something that can help me at this point in my normal life.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

cavities filled!

i am now the not so proud owner of 2 fillings for some cavities on my upper right side.

i also have local anesthetic-induced central 7 syndrome. blah!

can't really tightly close my right eye, can't flare my right nostril, and forget about making a smile or frown! aak!

pro-life, pro-choice issues

today on the way to school i passed by a few signs set up by a religious pro-life very anti-abortion group. they have put up signs around my town and also have done the "stand by the road and shout at drivers" routine as well.

now let me explain where i stand on the issues. i consider myself pro-choice, but with some clarifications. abortion should not be used as a means of birth control. abortion should only be an option given to mothers that are in an imminent life-threatening situation due to pregnancy complications. finally, abortion should be given as an option to women who become pregnant because of rape or incest. those are my personal feelings on the subject, and i know as i grow older and wiser, those feelings may or may not change. but for now, that's where i stand. i hope that i am never in a situation where i have to actually make that choice for myself. but i certainly do not believe abortion is an option where "oops! i done got myself preggers!" occurs. if someone chooses to become sexually active, he/she should understand the consequences. (along that topic, i am also for teaching abstinence AND safe-sex to teenagers...give them options, and since people will do what they want, make sure that they know they can do what they want safely, be it no sex or safe sex.)

as a future doctor i think it's very important to really sit down with myself and figure out where i stand on things. i know my personal feelings, but at the same time, i need to make sure that i respect the pro-life, pro-choice feelings of others. especially since at the moment i want to go into pediatric medical genetics, there will definitely be instances of prenatal counseling going on, so therefore i know i will be faced with these issues. if a patient chooses to go the abortion route, i will need to be comfortable with referring them to a place that will do it safely, even if i don't agree with their choice.

but back to the abortion protest signs. while i respect the right for people to protest and the right of free speech, i detest those people that are UNEDUCATED in their arguments. there were signs out there of blatant racism which were disgusting to me as well. also, there were a number of photos that i believe were stillbirths, and those are a totally different category. i could go on and on. alas. also, i don't believe that screaming at people while marching up and down the side of the road is an effective way to get others to change their minds. i know it wouldn't effect me, it would only make me hate you as a person more! and get your facts straight! no educated person would change their minds because a person with a misspelled sign of false statements screaming nonsense is parading around!

so while it pained me to see those signs on the way to school this morning, at least it made me think about my own opinions on the subject. i hope this post wasn't too offensive; i hope my readers understand that while i have my own views, i strive to be receptive and open to other people's views, especially when they are in direct contrast to my own.

Monday, September 01, 2008

it's labor day!

so i'm just sitting around this labor day reading my pharm book about NSAIDs, watching gustav coverage, and cruising the web. today has been CRAZY as far as internetting is concerned...

but first thing's first...for lunch today i ate a slow cooked pork loin and kimchee sandwich. YUM. i mean, pork and kimchee go really well together on some toasted bread. yum oh yum!

secondly, i'm glad that gustav landed further west than it was originally slated to land. there's still going to be damage, but maybe not as devastating. i'm glad all the governments down there learned their lessons from katrina. hopefully things will stay ok.

thirdly...too much baby drama! first there's the rumors that palin's fifth baby is really her first grandbaby, and now there's the confirmed pregnancy of her daughter! i just feel so bad for bristol. she has made mistakes (and we all make mistakes), but it is just so unfortunate that her mistake gets to be broadcasted all over the world. i just hope for her sake that she really does want to marry the baby's father, and that the marriage is just not for show. she's only 17! i can't imagine being in her situation, and i'm 23! i hope that the obama camp doesn't take that and run with it...i hope they take the high road and don't play the dirty politics game. even though i want obama to win this year, i don't want any playing dirty. (blah, i know politics is a dirty game by nature, but maybe everyone could stay mostly above the belt?) mccain started out semi-decently, but i think he's made some bad choices as of late...too bad for him.

back to the studying...i got to learn a bazillion drugs. our first round of tests starts a week from today, and it's going to be crazy!

Friday, August 29, 2008

i need to update...

hey peoples...

today i'm going to my first "friday at the bedside" to learn how to listen to heart sounds. i'm excited! i'm also still in the midst of writing my paper and applying to a research program within my school to help me fund the trip to the conference i'm going to. the peds interest group is also on a great start for a productive year, and that makes me really happy.

and just a snapshot of what i'm learning:
  • pathology: neoplasias (basically the benign and malignant cancers)
  • microbiology: immune responses (like allergic reactions, etc)
  • ICM: history taking
  • pharmacology: started learning drugs, like steroids, NSAIDs, etc...
it's a lot of stuff. i'm going to be studying quite a bit this labor day weekend.

also, keep your fingers crossed that Gustav doesn't wreak too much havoc for the gulf coast!

Friday, August 22, 2008

good news!

my abstract got accepted for a poster presentation at the conference i wanted to go to! yay! i'm excited!

this past week at school has been a good one. had lots of interesting class topics including anaphylaxis, tetanus, HIV/AIDS, etc. we also had some patients come in and discuss living with HIV/AIDS, and it was such a compelling class. i've never knowingly known someone living with AIDS, so it was very good for me to hear what those people had to say. one patient's advice to us was "always care for your patients", and while that's a good thing to hear, it's not the best "real" advice in my opinion because as doctors, you are supposed to always care for your patients. however, the other person said "if you're not comfortable with the patient for whatever reason, please take the higher road and refer them to someone else". now THAT to me was the better advice...we don't really hear that kind of stuff too often. even though it is horrible for a doctor to say something like "you're this way, and i don't like that way so i don't like you", if that doctor chooses to be in that mindset, the least he/she can do is refer the patient to someone who is more accepting.

hope all that made sense...

tonight is our big school's "back to school party"...i hope it's going to be some fun times!

Friday, August 15, 2008


haha, that's kind of what reading micro felt like for the first time...

i can say that i understand it a bit better now! and it's cool stuff, like cells battling it out and eating each other and whatnot. die evil die!

also, i recently ordered my very first stethoscope! littman cardio III in hunter green, and i got my name engraved on it as well. ANOTHER STEP CLOSER TO DOCTOR-HOOD. i can't wait till it gets in...i'm super excited.

also also, i'm president of the peds interest group this year, and my VP and i are really pumped up about a good year for "PIG". my main goal is to have good informative meetings (once a month with a free lunch associated) and to make a good t-shirt for the group. i figure with those 2, we can't go wrong!

lastly, i made blueberry pancakes for breakfast and they were freaking awesome.

that is all!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

weekend musings...

so what have i done this weekend?

well, friday night was our M1/M2 buddy party at the local bar of fun, and the party was definitely fun. so much better than last year's party, and i think that is mostly due to the fact that i KNOW people now. my class has gotten more comfortable around each other, i guess that sort of thing happens after a year off being in the same auditorium. it was cute to see the M1s all bundled off in their little groups, only venturing out after they had a drink or two in their systems. they start class officially tomorrow, and i wish them all luck! (figuratively...i don't know who reads this blog...hahaha.)

yesterday i did some work on my paper (yes, still working on that) and some micro studying. well, technically it's immunology at the moment, and it's kicking my butt! micro is definitely going to be my "tough class" this year, or it is at the present. i feel like i understand path and pharm pretty well, and ICM we're learning the "language" of doctor-speak which i feel like i've already got a good handle on (due to all the blogs i've been reading and working in the hospital this summer). last night i stayed up late to watch some live olympic coverage of sailing...the internet is COOL.

today i plan to write more on my paper, study more micro and read some ICM and everything else...maybe i'll go grocery shopping too...

Friday, August 08, 2008


the healthcare100 link on the right side of my blog says that i am ranked #666 at the moment...

i'm scared!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

second day of class and anger towards my teeth...

mucho things happened today...

in ICM we learned how to take a history. woo!

in micro we learned about B cells and T cells and how they are crazy fighters of evil things...

and finally, we had pathology! today was a bit of introduction to sick organs, so we just saw tons of pictures of necrotic tissue and that was kind of gross. made me rethink my interest in pathology. i had some friends who were like COOL PICTURES OMG OMG but the whole time i'm thinking EEEEW DISGUSTING GO AWAY. so maybe peds it is! however, i think learning ABOUT pathology is going to be really cool, and i actually can't wait to delve into my reading for tonight.

in some SAD news today i went to the dentist. now for some background info, i LOVE going to the dentist because i have been told numerous times that i have perfect teeth even though i haven't ever had braces. well, today i was told that i have 2 cavities! i am so sad! i haven't had any cavities in my adult teeth until now. they are in my molar region in between the teeth, so it's not like some obvious hole or anything. nor have i experienced any sort of pains while eating or drinking. i was instructed to start flossing with flouride-infused floss. but man, i am bummed! i have to go back in 3 weeks to get the cavities fixed, and i am happy that i am fortunate enough to have dental insurance, but it's still going to be some money that i don't want to pay. alas.

so in my depressed state after the dentist, i went to the local department store to just look at shoes. well, somebody was looking out for me because they were have a 40% off sale on shoes already percented off! and they had BORN SHOES! those shoes are incredibly comfortable, still cute, and are definitely stand on your feet all day friendly. so i got 2 pairs for $50...had i gotten them on regular price i would have paid an extra $115...so i feel like i got an incredible deal. and these are shoes that i will wear for a long time, so that made me a bit happy.

i'm still sad about the cavities though. they are going to put NEEDLES IN MY MOUTH. I WILL HAVE A THICK SLOBBERY TONGUE. i am not happy. shots in mouth...that makes me really freaked out. it's up there with getting needles in the eyeballs. it really freaks me out.

ok time to read so i don't obsess...aak!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

first day of class...

today was the first official day back...we had class from 8 to 3 with a one hour break for lunch. so far we've had intro to clinical medicine, genetics, pharmacology, and microbiology. tomorrow we will break into pathology. and for the next few weeks, it will just be some sort of combination of those courses.

ICM (intro to clinical med) should prove itself to be interesting. we're going to learn how to do an H&P, or history and physical. for that class i need to get a stethoscope...and i am absolutely clueless as to which one to get. some people have told me to get a littman III, but alas, i am still clueless. any recommendations will certainly be most welcome...

genetics is something that i love! today we talked about bayesian analysis, basically how to calculate the risk of passing something on. all number crunching. i LOVE numbers!

pharmacology is a huge heavy hitter as far as drugs are concerned. today we started out nice and easy with pharmacokinetics. there was lots of graph drawing involved. the professor for this section has a really cool UK accent, is really enthusiastic, and is old school, as in he writes his notes on the chalkboard. and he uses yellow chalk on the green chalkboard, and that is something i really like. (it's all in the little things people, all in the little things.)

micro has taken off to a slow start, but i think it's because it was mostly histology review. hopefully it will get better, or this is going to be a painful class!

so overall, it's been a good day. i went to the gym after school and i've already printed a lot of stuff off that i need and organized it into folders. tonight will be spent reading over today's notes and lecture ppts and getting into some of the textbook reading assignments from today. (last year i found it was kind of hard for me to read ahead and really comprehend what i was reading...i understood things better after hearing it first in class and then reading after the fact.) i'll see if that approach works, and if not, i can always switch it out. my main goal is to just not get behind. since our tests are 6 weeks apart, i don't want to get into that mindset of "oh i can put off studying" because that would be so disastrous!

Monday, August 04, 2008

orientation came and went...blah

orientation this morning was alright, but i must say the most productive thing i did was get my badge switched over to being a "student" and then go eat lunch at the vietnamese place by myself. i suppose in a bit i should be productive again and do some kitchen cleaning and gymming...but i think i should nap a bit first! and later this afternoon i'm going to meet up with my M1 buddy, so that should be fun. and then for dinner i'm thinking about cooking something delicious, but it just hasn't come to me yet...

it was good to see everyone, but i must admit that i wish i could have seen everybody else in smaller chunks. throwing everyone together in a big room is a bit overwhelming when you've only seen a few folks over the summer.

classes start tomorrow at 8am...should be fun times.

also, a good bit of STEP 1 talk was had at orientation. i'm going to try my best to study like 1-3 hours a week for it (like the admin. recommended) until january, and then in january start kicking it up a few notches. that's my goal for this year: to seriously kick the STEP's booty!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

tomorrow's the big day...

tomorrow is our orientation. today i woke up at 8 and am now just laying on my couch. seems like a nice way to start the last day of my last summer vacation ever.

i haven't gotten all my books in...i think the rest are coming tomorrow or tuesday.

i'm trying to decide what i should do today. my priority list consists of:
  • cleaning my kitchen
  • getting breakfast
  • grocery shopping
  • folding clothes
it also wouldn't hurt to take the recycling to the recycling drop off. also, it would be nice to go to the gym today. i also wanted to make some loaves of bread...my dinner musings for tonight include some sort of grilled fish and veggies and bread. that's all i can think about since getting my grill pan.

so i guess my last day isn't going to be so relaxing after all...

Friday, August 01, 2008

it's like little bits of candy...

i've been slowly accumulating my textbooks and other support books for M2 year. it's so exciting to have the UPS guy bring me a box...i open them up immediately and then open up the books and just smell them. haha...i know, weird, but i love new book smells.

yesterday i got my robbin's pathology book and i can already tell that i'm going to love it. yay! i'll publish my book list once i get everything in.

also, today one of my good friends is coming through town and i'm going to make her some cupcakes! or maybe muffins, i haven't decided. well, the exciting thing about all that though is not only do i get to share her company, i get to experiment with making GLUTEN-FREE comestibles! (she has celiac's disease.) i've never baked with non-"normal" flour, so this is going to be fun.

also also, i've been stricken with a sinus congestiony coughing till i dry heave sickness for the past 3 weeks, and since i found out yesterday i'm not a candidate for antibiotics, i'm going to still be stricken with sinus congestionay coughing till i dry heave sickness for probably the REST OF MY LIFE. i want to do my part in not enabling the bacterias to become resistant to antibiotics, but damn, i wish there was some antiviral stuff that worked! i guess i'll have to wait until like 2050 or something for that.

M2 year countdown: rest of today, saturday, and sunday


Sunday, July 27, 2008

dealing with death...

today i had a very intimate encounter with that old robed figure...death.

i have to admit, i gasped and teared up a little when it happened.

luckily, H was there to hold my hand.

i didn't even think it was going to happen...everything was happening so fast.

i saw him run out, and i couldn't even react...

my dear internet friends, today i was the one who committed the heinous act (or rather, my vehicle)...

i almost can't say it...


today i ran over a squirrel. *sniff!*

Friday, July 25, 2008

pinching pennies...

had i purchased my textbooks from my school's bookstore, i would be approximately $130 poorer than i am now. through amazon and barnes and noble, i was able to get my books for about $410 with free shipping...yay! with the money i "saved" i got 3 review books from the rapid review series: pathology, pharmacology, and the microbiology + immunology. i also got a monthly planner that fit all of my rigorous expectations in a "faux black leather" cover. i am happy. i also compiled all my information in a handy spreadsheet for viewage by my fellow friends. i am now wondering if buying flash cards for pharm will be a worthwhile investment, or would i get more out of it if i made my own spreadsheets...i think i'll make my own spreadsheets because i am in love with excel.

now if that paper could write itself, i'd be really happy. also, i need to get a presentation together for next week's grand rounds where yours truly will be presenting...it's kind of exciting and nerveracking at the same time...


Thursday, July 24, 2008

ok, non medical post, but sort of...

for my clinic group this morning (and for my own breakfast consumption) i made these fabulous vegan oatmeal raisin almond muffins! (ha, shameless shout-out to mine and H's food blog!) so far i've had great comments from one of the 2nd year residents (who is super cool and hopefully i can rotate with her 3rd year), the genetic counselor, and the gc assistant. these are perfect and fiber-full to keep a hungry med student full until lunch, and they didn't take too long to make.

the cases i've seen lately have included tuberous sclerosis, 22q11 deletion, down syndrome, oro-facial-digital syndrome, etc etc...all interesting things. i am LOVING this summer! my doctor boss is AMAZING and the group i'm with is GREAT and this is totally something that i really feel like i'm going to do when i grow up...and that is a great feeling.

i've also been writing up my paper for the big wig medical journal. it's been tedious!

also, yesterday i went shopping for dresses appropriate for school/work and i ended up with 2 appropriate dresses and 1 FUN dress. all for good prices, and i have become a fan of this new dress store that just opened up.

i've emailed my M1 buddy and i hope she's getting excited about starting school. i know i'm REALLY excited about starting second year...this week i got my class schedule and my book list. since school starts august 4 i might need to get to getting on those books!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


hello faithful internet blog readers, if there are any out there...

i'm sorry i haven't posted anything meaningful. i really had this idea that i would post about different genetic syndromes/disorders, but instead i've been going out of town a lot and getting SICK. and being sick doesn't make me want to do anything!

tomorrow is my research summer presentation...it's sort of a "show and tell" sort of thing. you only get 10 minutes, and my powerpoint is definitely going to be short and sweet. it's not by any means the end of my project, just a "where i'm at right now". i still have a paper to write, so that will be fun times as well.

ok, i'm going to try and nap some. i currently have a sore throat and i feel achey everywhere, but the aches could be due to the hard core workout i had yesterday. i also have a headache...hopefully this doesn't turn into a full blown cold...

Thursday, July 10, 2008

neuro board redo....

so...found out i made 120 points HIGHER on the neuro board in the summer than during the school year! hmmm...methinks i learned something during my summer class? i'm quite happy!!! that's over 1 standard deviation higher than what i did before! woo!

also, research project is going swimmingly...and i still promise to do some cool posts. i just had to hurriedly update because of my 120 POINT HIGHER BOARD SCORE!!! woo!

Sunday, July 06, 2008


ok, so i know i haven't been posting lately, but i will post VERY SOON. this past week has been great...seeing patients in clinic, seeing patients in the hospital, and then going out of town for the holiday weekend to see very awesome friends. i promise i will post more substantially very soon...i'm quite excited about what i'm getting to see. it's weird...i feel that this really could be a possible career choice for me more and more. no blood, no boredom, and cute kiddies! what more could i ask for? (although it's possible that i'm still an idealist at the moment, but before i'm completely jaded, i'm having fun!)

Monday, June 30, 2008


i'm at home folks...couldn't be happier.

the neuro board this morning went by like a fun sudoku puzzle...hope that means i got a good grade!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

last weekend!

i am so happy that this is my last weekend here...only have the board exam left to do on monday. not bad. at this point i am so homesick for home, my friends, my BED, my kitchen, etc etc. and i know people have their own lives, but i just can't wait to be able to see people...it's different just trying to call someone; sometimes they pick up, sometimes they don't, and when you finally get to talk to them, it's just not the same. it's almost like a letdown, because you crave their presence, you get a little taste, and it's just not good enough! alas. but on monday i'm going home, and i can't wait.

today i have a laundry list of things to do...first off, laundry, secondly, sweeping and cleaning, thirdly, cleaning out the fridge of things i know i can't eat between today and tomorrow. i would also like to pack up all my clothes and just lay out things that i'll wear tomorrow and monday. i really just want to be all packed and checked out of my room before the test monday so afterwards i can just get in my car and GO.

ok, laundry time. chao.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

home stretch

this is the last week of my summer class, and i couldn't be any happier. (side note, the spell checker is saying that "couldn't" is not a word...did i miss a memo somewhere?) we got our test grade from monday back today and i passed again! woo! i'm 2 for 2...haha. our last test is monday, and it's the neuro national board exam. i'm currently at the local coffee shop with a yogi green tea reading a review book. i think i might miss this place just a little bit, just because when i walked in today the barista said "hot tea for the med student?". i am remembered...i'm a regular i guess you could say. that's what happens when you go somewhere everyday for a week straight.

today after class i took a 2 hour nap and then biked around campus and did some weights in my room. good times. i feel nice and sore and alive at the moment...oh yeah, and i ate a huge homewrecker burrito at moe's. it was like holding a small baby...it was so big! but i ate the whole thing and it was delicious.

all that said, i can't wait to go to bed in my OWN bed. my nice, no depression in the middle, queen sized bed. i haven't been able to get to sleep before midnight for the past couple of days and i think the only reason is because of the crappy mattress. the only solution so far is to crank down the air really low and freeze myself to sleep. somehow i don't think that is the ideal scenario.

ok, back to board studies. just wanted to say hello!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

i submitted my abstract!

after many days and hours freaking out about the abstract, i finally have it turned in to the genetics folks. hopefully after it is reviewed, my research doc and i will be giving a 15 minute spiel about our topic at the national conference in november! and if not talking, then it will be a poster presentation. (see, you have to be "chosen" to speak.)

i got so stressed about filling out the submission form online today...i really don't know what my problem is with regards to those types of things. maybe i just make myself so anxious to make myself get to work? well...i had a valid reason today...the CHARACTER LIMIT on the abstract plus accessory data (name, institution name, etc) was like some ridiculously small number, and after typing everything in, i was told that i was 74 characters over. aaarg! so since when i type i usually put 2 spaces after every period, i went and deleted a space after every period. i then deleted some flowery phrases and things in parentheses. yay! under the limit! then i happen to click on a box and it filled itself in! omg! turns out i had to fill out a certain box with my institution information and AARRRRG it made my character count shoot through the roof! so i had to REFIX my freaking character count. finally after much hair pulling and gnashing of teeth, i got it down to 3 characters BELOW the limit. i then submitted it and called it a day.

abtracts are so stressful. aak! i can't wait to really delve into my paper though. the project is really exciting and the material is so interesting to me and so pertinent to the "hot medical topics" of today.

i think one day soon i'll type up my thoughts about med school and summer class and everything. my recommendations, perhaps...

also, this article is stupid. stupid stupid stupid. whenever i have children, you better know that i'm going to make sure they get stuck with every type of vaccine i can get my hands on.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

halfway point...

2 more weeks to go! i can't wait to get out of the dorm...ugh. there's nothing like a visit from someone from home to make you just really want to get back to normalcy. and seriously, these mockingbirds need to just disappear. aaaaaah!

today i made a ham and cheese grilled sandwich and promptly smoked out my dorm. alas. i just can't wait to cook normally again! i mean, i like the mini kitchen, but mini kitchen is starting to not do it for me...

i also found a new coffee shop that i think i'll frequent a lot in my remaining time here. med students are ALWAYS on the lookout for that perfect locale...the mix of slightly hip ambiance, free wifi, good coffee, and not loud people yapping on cell phones. this place has it all!

and just ponder this...deep fried hard-boiled eggs. i saw this recipe (if you can call it edible) in a cookbook this weekend and i wanted to gag.

Friday, June 13, 2008

yay first test!

good news...i made a B on my first test in this class and that really makes me want to get up and do a little dance.

also, my prof says "rut" instead of "root" and that is definitely weird to me.

i have this weird left elbow abrasion that i don't remember getting. i noticed it this morning, and i don't remember any trauma to the elbow during the evening or yesterday. maybe i hurt it while i was biking...or OOH I JUST THOUGHT IT. i went to the gym yesterday and did some weights on the machines there. specifically biceps and triceps...i do remember the arm rests being a bit worn out...i must have scratched my elbow on those things.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

oooh, free laundry!

that's one of the redeeming qualities of dorm life at this particular institution. that and my mini-kitchenette, but i don't want to get TOO excited here...

my first test is tomorrow, and as soon as i'm done laundering, i will go to a panera or another location with free interwebz to set up shop until said location is closed. i had a nice hard-core study session yesterday, and tonight will be good as well. the first test i am not really worried about, just because it's maybe 1/3 of the material for the first test in my school's neuro. yeah...kind of a big disparity there.

it's also raining cats and dogs out here...blah!

ok, laundry is finishing up, then study...my class is going to a sports bar type place tomorrow after test and classes are over! yay!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

aaah the horrors!

so i am spending my sunday evening in my quaint cinder-blocked dorm room studying and surfing the interwebz when all of a sudden i hear a faint grumbling in the distance. the sound continues to grow and get closer to my location. i start to panic...trembling, i peered through the blinds out the window and saw HUNDREDS OF SOCCER CAMP KIDS! aaaaaaaah! they were all marching and grumbling and bouncing their soccer balls towards their dorm, which fortunately, is NOT this one.

in other news, embryology as it refers to the neuro system is freakishly boring and confusing. sonic the hedgehog decides to mess around with bmp-4...or is it something different? who knows...so far i know that there's this tube, and then it closes and twists and if one end doesn't do something right you can get a no-brain defect which is BAD. ok, so i know more than that, but that's how i feel about it right now.

i want a massage. biking and doing yoga (specifically, trying to attempt the crow) has gotten myself quite sore. my left elbow is feeling funny today and my hamstrings are tight and no amount of stretching has alleviated my irritatedness...

tomorrow we have trauma neuro lab, and i'm very excited. i'll let you know how that goes. we also have case presentations to present. my partner and i are presenting...EPIDURAL HEMATOMA!!! woo wee! basically, if a patient arrives in your ER and you suspect an epidural hematoma, get an unenhanced CT scan STAT! that will show you what side of the head is hematoma-ed, but usually you'll already know because there will be some trauma to that side of the head, or the pupil of the eye on that side will be hugely dilated due to compression of the 3rd cranial nerve (that's oculomotor for you medicial newbies) by the temporal lobe. also, you got to be careful of the pressure building up in that cranium because too much pressure and BAM you're dead. so to fix that, you gotta bore a hole in the skull to get that stuff outta there! and be careful of the LUCID INTERVAL because these patients will be all cool beans and whatnot and then BLACK OUT on you...talk and die my friends, talk and die. these are sneaky things, these epidural hematomas...

the following picture illustrates an epidural hematoma, courtesy of http://neuropathology.neoucom.edu/chapter4/images4/4-1L.JPG

pretty, ain't it? and notice how all that clotted blood is on the OUTSIDE of the brain...and EPIdural hematoma is ON TOP OF the dura. don't confuse that with a SUBdural hematoma, which is under...don't you love prefixes?

Friday, June 06, 2008


so one of my new friends here told me about this cool thing called googlewhack last night...

i must say that it is AMAZING!!! i googlewhacked for a while and today i finally have my own googlewhack!!! look for frylime on this list...oh yeah...i'm NUMBER ONE (for now at least)! woo claustrophobically oblongata! you're going to have to click it to enlarge it. so at least i have proof that i was number one in something...hahaha...

also, class got out around 10:45 today, and i biked back to my room. (i'm loving this biking around campus thing.) some of us are going to do yoga at 12:45, and then the rest of the afternoon will be devoted to studying. i think i'm going to hit up some mediterranean food for dinner, but we'll see about that.

today in class we studied congenital malformations of the brain. that stuff was pretty interesting. also, one of the professors is a pathologist, and he's going to show me around his department and introduce me to some people. i'm really excited about that. plus he's able to show us some really cool pictures, and on monday we're going to have a TRAUMA LAB. omg, i'm REALLY looking forward to that one!


update: i'm so glad i took a screen shot when i became the first googlewhack item, because i just checked it and now it's down to 18!!!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

brains are stinky...

just wanted to let my faithful readers out there know that i am alive and doing well in my neuro class. we got a small group, but i knew a few people there already and have made a good new friend. the lectures and the labs so far are great, and it makes me wonder if my school couldn't adopt a new or "updated" teaching style. maybe i like it because since i've seen it before, i'm picking it up quickly, but at the same time, i like these people's teaching styles a bit better than some of the ones from home.

i'm living on campus at the moment, but i have a kitchenette so i can still cook yummy things...like tonight i made some fabulous fried rice. it had cubed turkey breast (the turkey breast was cheaper than chicken breast!), baby bella mushrooms, onion, green bell pepper, and a whole slew of spices. i also got this chili garlic sauce from the asian grocery a while back and it was SO good. i also got gym access today and that is nice. i've also been biking to class, so hopefully my quads will get even more gorgeous by the end of the month!

so yeah, so far so good. my first test is a week from tomorrow, and i am aiming to do well on it. my classmates are all pretty cool, and the professors are nice, and the subject matter hasn't worn me out yet. i do miss my friends at home and H's cooking, but alas...this is my time to rectify my past error so i shouldn't complain too much...

so now i shall study some neuro blood supply...woo PICA!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

woo target

so i went to target yesterday to get dorm room supplies. interesting journey. i did not realize that it is the HARDEST THING EVER to find extra-long twin sheet sets IN A NORMAL COLOR. omg! i looked forever to finally find some beige-y sheets (only for $9.99, cotton/polyester blend). sorry, but i didn't want polka dots or lime green or "designer brand" for >$25. i'm going to miss my 300 count sateen cotton sheets, alas. it's only a month...haha. also, i found a shower curtain for $2.97...crazy! i guess it's technically a "liner", but still a curtain nonetheless.

i talked to a friend of mine who went to the school where i am going to take summer class and he said that a bike on campus would be phenomenal. so i am quite excited...i'm going to take my bike and all my workout gear. while i'm there i can keep up my exercise routine. class doesn't begin till 9:00 every day, so i'm hoping that i can do a workout in the mornings before class. i could easily wake up by 6:30 (normal) or 7:00, do some cardio and weights, and then get to class by 9. then class all day, then i think i'll study until dinner time, eat dinner, and then study more or do research work.

i'm currently thinking of all the things i need to take, but i know that i am definitely NOT taking a tv. i know, tough times...haha. i do have a small tv that i could bring, but why bring it in the first place? oh...and i'm definitely bringing my tiger lunch jar! man, i'm going to be so cool, packing my lunch and eating it too...yeah!