Tuesday, December 04, 2007

oh. my. ganglion. (!!!)

the edrugsearch.com's world's top blogs on health and medicine has ranked my lowly writing semi-masterpiece as #575!!!

this kind of makes me feel like an internets celebrity!

and the total number of blogs is 620, so that also makes me feel super loved. hahahaha.

on a side note, i promise more substantial blogs after our test craze. remember, phys and histo on thursday. i've got to work on my spotting of lymphoid organs. yesterday during lab i was having issues spotting differences between lymph nodes and spleen and thymus. blah. my life is a ruin. damn you spleen!!! et tu, thymus-ay? i bite my thumb at thee, vile lymph node! bah!

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Allie said...

Thanks for the introduction of the statscounter. It tickles me inside when I discover that other people have been viewing my site!


Good luck on your finals! And hopefully we'll hear more from you afterwards. :)