Monday, December 03, 2007

i ♥ internationalism!

the lovely figure is from my wonderful statcounter which all of you should get if you want lovely figures such as this!

these are countries of the people that read my blog (so far). granted, many countries only have 1 reader, but maybe in a couple months or so that figure will increase as my medical adventures become more interesting. i know, reading about how i hate biochemistry is not an appealing read. but reading about how i helped birth a baby, or cleaned up poo (CODE BROWN!!!), or even assisted (or watched, rather) in cracking open sternums for emergency heart surgery...those will be the glory days of my blog. hahaha. or maybe not. next semester though we'll be in pig labs where we learn how to bring pigs back to life. i don't know what PETA thinks about that, but you have to start practicing somewhere, and i'd rather it be a pig instead of a human for my first go at things.

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