Friday, December 28, 2007

"working" for a bit...

i'm currently doing some "winter" cleaning which involves vacuuming, general straightening up, and sorting through clothes that i don't want/need/can't wear/why did i buy that categories. also, i got over my fear of poking holes in my walls and hung up a calendar of beautiful panoramic fotos of ecuador that H got me. so now i have plans to hang up a few more items, and am contemplating creating a "wall o' pictures"...whoa now!!!

so last week i went to the heart cath lab for a few days to hang out and observe some cases. also helped out with inventory a little bit as to actually be useful. i watched a normal heart cath, lead extraction with icd implantation, subclavian stent, and a femoral arteriogram with runoff. it's quite nice to see all the things that i used to schedule actually being done, and also nice to see what's in the boxes that i used to put up everyday. i chatted with a bunch of cardiologists, and that was cool. there was a nice stent fellow who explained a lot of things about heart caths to me, and it was nice to be able to start applying all my gross knowledge to "real world" type situations. however, i also think that cardiology isn't for me...that stuff is cool, but eh, i still don't like to see blood, and cardiology still seems like to be a "good ol' boys' club", not somewhere a progressive semi-asian gal like myself wants to be.

also, i got an email from the genetics people at my school who wants me to consider working on a summer project with them. project sounds really cool, and that area is something that i am seriously considering for a future career. i kind of realized the other day that i really don't think i'm nice enough to serve people that can help themselves. for example, i don't think i could be a primary care physician to people that don't care about their own health. i know, i'm a young idealist, but i think i'd rather sidestep that whole crowd and delve into a place where i can help people that truly want and need the help. that's why i'm interested in pathology, in that area people are already deceased, and/or it's more of a consulting field. another reason why i'm interested in medical genetics, since people can't help that they're born with a genetic defect. you got to play the game with the cards you're dealt, and since i'm a bit of an obsessive problem solver, i think i'd like to help them play the game well.

in other news, i went to a "paint your own pot" studio the other day. background info: i've done this sort of thing before, and i know that it's actually glaze, but i guess all the people that own those types of studios assume the general public cannot accept the word "glaze", so "paint" it must be. well, when i went to this place with one of my friends, we were treated like 2-yr-olds by the 2 teenage-ish girls that were working there. it was quite ridiculous. they kept insisting that we only "paint on the areas covered with paper towels" so we wouldn't get anything dirty, but the whole place was messy and not clean anyway, so that was annoying. also, there was no other people there except for us, the 2 girls, and some older woman who i guess worked there or something. no music, nothing. we could hear every word said in the echo-y room. so yeah, one girl starts talking about a relative she has that is asian, and she was talking about it in a way that was really irritating me. like, "who knows what he is, chinese/japanese, whatever" and "i can't pronounce his name, we call him whatever we feel like", and then after that the 2 girls began making up "asian names" and saying other things that were offensive. then they wanted to close the shop down an hour early, but couldn't because my table wouldn't "hurry up and leave". sheesh. i'm not really one to get offended by political incorrectedness, seeing that i like to poke fun at my multi-heritages, but you have to draw a line somewhere. conversations for private groups of friends may not be suitable for professional work environments. i also tried to give them a "i can hear you and i'm not happy" look, but alas, it didn't work. when i pick up my pottery soon i'm going to have a chat with the manager (if i can work up the guts to say something). but obviously i'm still perturbed by it since i just typed it all up on my blog. with employees like that, they're going to lose all their business between racial talk and "i want my customers to leave" rants.

so to leave on a happy note, i have a clean apartment and i had a great holiday! if only my allergies would go away, it would be perfect...hahaha...

Monday, December 24, 2007

happy holidays!

merry christmas everybody!

be safe, don't drink and drive, and avoid the fruitcake at all costs. you just don't know how many times that thing has been re-gifted...

Monday, December 17, 2007

i can finally breathe!

so now all my scores are in from last week (except for the national gross/developmental board score), and i can say that i am passing and HAPPY!!! even the biochem test which i thought was so hard, i did well on! can't complain there at all.

while i'm on break i'm working at the cath lab to make some extra dinero. today i got to wear some heavy lead and stand and observe (in the actual room) a left heart cath. it wasn't too dramatic, quite simple looking procedure. the anatomy of the person being cath'ed was interesting. he/she had an ulcer on the right coronary. now that looked quite cool on the films.

today i made a pizza from scratch all by myself! (H helped lay out some of the toppings.) it had a whole wheat crust and it turned out quite nice and crispy. the toppings included teriyaki chicken, yellow squash, mushroom, green bell pepper, and pineapple.

also, word of note...fake soy eggnog is not delicious, and it is still not delicious when combined with organic 1% milk to make a soy "nog" lo-fat latte. the extra sprinkles of nutmeg also didn't help either. i don't know what the heck i was thinking on that one.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

it's almost over...

i just got done taking my gross and developmental anatomy national board exam today. i'm tired. one more test to go, and that's the biochem cumulative final on friday. good thing i have weekend plans with friends that will involve an appropriate amount of revelry and laziness.

now we begin the fun long process of waiting. i'm paranoid that something horrible will happen and they will call me into the anatomy office and tell me that i failed gross. i don't think that will happen, but alas, when you're in my position of having to start over again, the thought of taking gross AGAIN just makes me want to vomit. i don't think that third time's a charm will apply to a third retake of a course. but let me reiterate, i don't think i failed. i actually think i did quite decently on the board today, and that should help me out of course. the head and neck test on monday, well, i knew it wasn't my personal best, but at the same time, i know i didn't make a 30 on it either. so cross your fingers for me!

friday is the big hurdle of biochem. i have my review books in hand and old tests and i will be reviewing like crazy until then.

so now marks the point where i don't have to wear scrubs anymore to class. i actually get to dress like a normal person. that also means i have to shower every morning before class so i look presentable. blah.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

oh. my. ganglion. (!!!)

the's world's top blogs on health and medicine has ranked my lowly writing semi-masterpiece as #575!!!

this kind of makes me feel like an internets celebrity!

and the total number of blogs is 620, so that also makes me feel super loved. hahahaha.

on a side note, i promise more substantial blogs after our test craze. remember, phys and histo on thursday. i've got to work on my spotting of lymphoid organs. yesterday during lab i was having issues spotting differences between lymph nodes and spleen and thymus. blah. my life is a ruin. damn you spleen!!! et tu, thymus-ay? i bite my thumb at thee, vile lymph node! bah!

Monday, December 03, 2007

i ♥ internationalism!

the lovely figure is from my wonderful statcounter which all of you should get if you want lovely figures such as this!

these are countries of the people that read my blog (so far). granted, many countries only have 1 reader, but maybe in a couple months or so that figure will increase as my medical adventures become more interesting. i know, reading about how i hate biochemistry is not an appealing read. but reading about how i helped birth a baby, or cleaned up poo (CODE BROWN!!!), or even assisted (or watched, rather) in cracking open sternums for emergency heart surgery...those will be the glory days of my blog. hahaha. or maybe not. next semester though we'll be in pig labs where we learn how to bring pigs back to life. i don't know what PETA thinks about that, but you have to start practicing somewhere, and i'd rather it be a pig instead of a human for my first go at things.