Tuesday, November 06, 2007

odds and ends

so yesterday was our 3rd big gross anatomy test. goodbye pelvis, perineum and leg! hello head and neck! it's really crazy to think that i'm 75% of the way done in gross lab...i'll be sad to leave it, but i will certainly welcome the extra afternoon time to study. and the non-stinkiness. and the option to NOT take a shower immediately coming home from school. oh, and then i'd have my saturday mornings back, since i normally go up to the lab at that time to review. so yeah, 3 more weeks. crazy!

my next test is friday in physiology. we've been studying the GI tract and the mechanics of eating food, swallowing, digesting, and pooping. it's pretty cool stuff, actually. and it reminds me of a talk i went to last year that a GI doc did and i remember thinking, i could be a GI doc as well. they get to talk about eating and pooping and play with machines that resemble nintendo games. granted, they stick tubes up people's butts and whatnot, but it's attached to cameras! and you can cauterize icky things out with stun guns...

then, on tuesday (since we have monday off for veteran's day), i have a big biochem test and a small histology test. biochem is all about breaking down big particles to small particles, for example, glycolysis, or beta-oxidation. that stuff is not fun. however, they are all cyclical and sensical (in that matter), so it will be ok. histo is on teeth and glands. blah!

class is supposed to be starting right now (8:00 am) and the professor is nowhere to be found. oops? hahaha...this guy is kinda psycho anyway. his class is more theatrics than it is actual class. in all actuality, i should skip to study on my own time, but i haven't missed a class yet in school and i don't plan to start anytime soon. oh wait, he just walked in and proclaimed "don't try to take anyone to the airport before 8:00 class. mother of PEARL!!!" weird.

he also said that he has a hybrid car to "stick it to the man". i want a hybrid.

and in that case, i should bid my internet fans adieu.

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