Friday, November 16, 2007

how googlers find my site, part I

since i have a free account with a great site counter, i can see what recent keywords people have put into the googles to come to my site. some of them are so bizarre that i think i should share them with you from time to time and with the link of the posting if there was a specific one clicked.

(and just in case you were wondering, i only know the country/vague region of the computers that had these things typed into. no names, etc. i suppose you could get a search engine that was that exact, but no worries for my counter. i'm not stalking my readers, that's weird. but it is cool to know that i have at least 1 reader on almost every continent. ego boost!)


fun radiology quizzes: ummm, no quizzes here. have i even mentioned radiology?

autobiography like a mexican: interesting...maybe this is a divine sign that i need to learn spanish.

stress test - bra: weird!!! maybe that's a new product that i need. relieve stress, quick, wear this BRA!!!

hawaiian punch teeth: this is a very serious problem indeed. almost like the red wine stained teeth, this is a little bit more cherry red in color.

cath lab, cough: i suppose being in the cath lab can make you cough, but in my experience they usually give you xanax and benadryl to zonk you out. plus coughing would probably mean bad news for the heart since the bodily spasms could cause the catheter to poke a hole in there...

thick scary forests: so, somebody in australia is OBSESSED with these thick scary forests. i bet he/she wasn't too happy about seeing my epiglottis slide.

random quotes about cancer: well, this is normal enough i suppose.

food lab burritos
: are these supposed to be mutant burritos? super burritos? neon green?

no bra obese: OK, so another person (or perhaps the same one?) in australia is wanting to know about obese non-bra clad people in thick scary forests...

syncytiotrophoblast starbucks
: well, that's nice alliteration there, but very strange. i wouldn't want partially formed embryos floating around in my cup of joe...


in another month or so i plan to update this list again. it's kind of fun to think about the weirdness out there...haha.


Freadom said...

I was thinking about getting a site counter. I'll have to check this out. Cool.

Anonymous said...

Totally weird. Almost scary even.