Friday, November 23, 2007

happy day after thanksgiving!

after much eating and rejoicing and general good times, thanksgiving is over. thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, and i will surely be reminded of how wonderful it is since my mom packed up a TON of leftovers for me to nosh on for the next couple of days. i'm thinking turkey fried rice, turkey sandwiches, maybe making some turkey salad.

we get skulls to learn from during the head and neck block in anatomy. i showed my parents and my brother the skull, and they were all interested in it and all. i showed it to my granddad who FREAKED out. it was so funny! old-school koreans are very superstitious, and so maybe he thought it had bad karma? but he kept giggling like a little school girl, it was hilarious! he eventually poked it with his finger for like 1 second, but never fully embraced it.

i'm definitely taking it easy this break. i certainly needed it. the last couple weeks of this semester is going to be tough. i can't wait till christmas break! hahaha...i've signed up to do some work days in the cath lab over that break. something fun to do and make some money.

well, today will be spent eating turkey, being lazy, and doing some light studying. will it be anatomy? biochemistry? physiology? blah!!!


Freadom said...

Days off are good.

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you enjoyed your break. We sure did. Hope to see you next time around ...