Wednesday, November 07, 2007

beginning of the end of gross

today marked the first dissection for the head and neck region. unveiling the face of rex was a little weird. didn't quite enjoy that. but then again, that probably means that i'm not a complete weirdo. but after getting into it and whatnot, it was good. my group did a good job today and we pretty much found everything that we were supposed to even though this was supposed to be one of the more difficult labs this year. i was quite proud of myself, one of the professors came by and looked at my side and said "this looks quite good!". and i had done that side all by myself, and that made me happy. granted, i destroyed some superficial musculature, but hey, i got all the nerves, etc, that i needed to see. woo!

also today was the pediatric interest group meeting. i baked cupcakes for it with "extra fun" added. and spiderman cups. oh yeah. they were ALL gone pretty fast through the lunch line. that also made me happy.

also also today we had a talk from a pediatric gastroenterologist. that talk was COOL. the doctor was a fun lady who had a great sarcastic ring about her, and i loved it. i found out today that doctor's aren't allowed to say that children are "obese". childern are "overweight" and "at risk for overweight" according to some national guidelines of some national medical association. isn't that stupid? if a 9 year old weighs 250 pounds, i'm sorry, but he/she is clearly OBESE. i am currently at the cusp of the higher end of the "ideal weight" spectrum for someone my height according to BMI. (yay!) but you could still consider me overweight. considering me overweight against some 200+ pound kid that is also "overweight"...sheesh. there's a problem with that. there's the argument that "you can hurt someone's feelings by calling them obese". i don't know about you, but one day i'm going to be a doctor, and if someone's clearly obese, well, i'm going to tell them that they're obese because they're paying me to keep them in good health. why sugarcoat and lie? sure, there are more tactful ways and less tactful ways of telling people that, but not "knowing" that you're obese will certainly haunt you in the end.

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