Thursday, November 29, 2007

3 week craziness

my "semester" is done dec. 14. until then, i will have 2 weeks of class with 2 tests a week from today in physiology and histology, and then the third week is just HUUUUUGE tests: gross head and neck, developmental head and neck, then gross/dev board, and then biochem final. AAAAK! (note: boards are like standardized national finals for the class. blah!)

can we say breathe?

the other day we had an internal medicine doctor give a "mystery case" presentation. the case was about some made-up dude who fell in the tub and came to the hospital with shortness of breath. the end result ended up being pneumonia, but the process as to which the doctor came to that conclusion was OH so boring to me. strike THAT off my list of things to consider for my future career. like, i didn't care that he MIGHT have a pulmonary embolism. i didn't care about all the minute symptoms and tests and blah blah blah. maybe i was just bored because it was pneumonia or something, maybe i would enjoy a "mystery case" if the end result were more exotic, or if i had more medical knowledge behind my back. but for right now, i am definitely not going to willingly go internal med. (no offense to internists!)

i find myself these days enraptured by listening to my friends' medical ailments and finding probable diagnoses. as i just typed up that sentence, i realize that i'm semi-differential diagnosing them. isn't that what internists do? i'm such a weirdo.

ok, class is starting. everyone, have a good day!


Chuck McKay said...

I take it you're not going to be part of the new team Dr. House is putting together?

frylime said...

errr...probably not!