Thursday, November 29, 2007

3 week craziness

my "semester" is done dec. 14. until then, i will have 2 weeks of class with 2 tests a week from today in physiology and histology, and then the third week is just HUUUUUGE tests: gross head and neck, developmental head and neck, then gross/dev board, and then biochem final. AAAAK! (note: boards are like standardized national finals for the class. blah!)

can we say breathe?

the other day we had an internal medicine doctor give a "mystery case" presentation. the case was about some made-up dude who fell in the tub and came to the hospital with shortness of breath. the end result ended up being pneumonia, but the process as to which the doctor came to that conclusion was OH so boring to me. strike THAT off my list of things to consider for my future career. like, i didn't care that he MIGHT have a pulmonary embolism. i didn't care about all the minute symptoms and tests and blah blah blah. maybe i was just bored because it was pneumonia or something, maybe i would enjoy a "mystery case" if the end result were more exotic, or if i had more medical knowledge behind my back. but for right now, i am definitely not going to willingly go internal med. (no offense to internists!)

i find myself these days enraptured by listening to my friends' medical ailments and finding probable diagnoses. as i just typed up that sentence, i realize that i'm semi-differential diagnosing them. isn't that what internists do? i'm such a weirdo.

ok, class is starting. everyone, have a good day!

Friday, November 23, 2007

happy day after thanksgiving!

after much eating and rejoicing and general good times, thanksgiving is over. thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, and i will surely be reminded of how wonderful it is since my mom packed up a TON of leftovers for me to nosh on for the next couple of days. i'm thinking turkey fried rice, turkey sandwiches, maybe making some turkey salad.

we get skulls to learn from during the head and neck block in anatomy. i showed my parents and my brother the skull, and they were all interested in it and all. i showed it to my granddad who FREAKED out. it was so funny! old-school koreans are very superstitious, and so maybe he thought it had bad karma? but he kept giggling like a little school girl, it was hilarious! he eventually poked it with his finger for like 1 second, but never fully embraced it.

i'm definitely taking it easy this break. i certainly needed it. the last couple weeks of this semester is going to be tough. i can't wait till christmas break! hahaha...i've signed up to do some work days in the cath lab over that break. something fun to do and make some money.

well, today will be spent eating turkey, being lazy, and doing some light studying. will it be anatomy? biochemistry? physiology? blah!!!

Friday, November 16, 2007

how googlers find my site, part I

since i have a free account with a great site counter, i can see what recent keywords people have put into the googles to come to my site. some of them are so bizarre that i think i should share them with you from time to time and with the link of the posting if there was a specific one clicked.

(and just in case you were wondering, i only know the country/vague region of the computers that had these things typed into. no names, etc. i suppose you could get a search engine that was that exact, but no worries for my counter. i'm not stalking my readers, that's weird. but it is cool to know that i have at least 1 reader on almost every continent. ego boost!)


fun radiology quizzes: ummm, no quizzes here. have i even mentioned radiology?

autobiography like a mexican: interesting...maybe this is a divine sign that i need to learn spanish.

stress test - bra: weird!!! maybe that's a new product that i need. relieve stress, quick, wear this BRA!!!

hawaiian punch teeth: this is a very serious problem indeed. almost like the red wine stained teeth, this is a little bit more cherry red in color.

cath lab, cough: i suppose being in the cath lab can make you cough, but in my experience they usually give you xanax and benadryl to zonk you out. plus coughing would probably mean bad news for the heart since the bodily spasms could cause the catheter to poke a hole in there...

thick scary forests: so, somebody in australia is OBSESSED with these thick scary forests. i bet he/she wasn't too happy about seeing my epiglottis slide.

random quotes about cancer: well, this is normal enough i suppose.

food lab burritos
: are these supposed to be mutant burritos? super burritos? neon green?

no bra obese: OK, so another person (or perhaps the same one?) in australia is wanting to know about obese non-bra clad people in thick scary forests...

syncytiotrophoblast starbucks
: well, that's nice alliteration there, but very strange. i wouldn't want partially formed embryos floating around in my cup of joe...


in another month or so i plan to update this list again. it's kind of fun to think about the weirdness out there...haha.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

a tidbit or two

today i sawed off the zygomatic arch (cheekbone, to you laymen). it was kinda empowering in that weird "i've just sawed through bone" sort of way. i also disconnected the mandible from its temporomandibular joint and ripped out the joint with my own gloved hand. (it looks like a giant molar.) woo. head and neck stuff so far is quite interesting, just because it is the face we're talking about here.

also, i ate FAKE BACON for the first time today. yum, textured vegetable protein. yum.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

beginning of the end of gross

today marked the first dissection for the head and neck region. unveiling the face of rex was a little weird. didn't quite enjoy that. but then again, that probably means that i'm not a complete weirdo. but after getting into it and whatnot, it was good. my group did a good job today and we pretty much found everything that we were supposed to even though this was supposed to be one of the more difficult labs this year. i was quite proud of myself, one of the professors came by and looked at my side and said "this looks quite good!". and i had done that side all by myself, and that made me happy. granted, i destroyed some superficial musculature, but hey, i got all the nerves, etc, that i needed to see. woo!

also today was the pediatric interest group meeting. i baked cupcakes for it with "extra fun" added. and spiderman cups. oh yeah. they were ALL gone pretty fast through the lunch line. that also made me happy.

also also today we had a talk from a pediatric gastroenterologist. that talk was COOL. the doctor was a fun lady who had a great sarcastic ring about her, and i loved it. i found out today that doctor's aren't allowed to say that children are "obese". childern are "overweight" and "at risk for overweight" according to some national guidelines of some national medical association. isn't that stupid? if a 9 year old weighs 250 pounds, i'm sorry, but he/she is clearly OBESE. i am currently at the cusp of the higher end of the "ideal weight" spectrum for someone my height according to BMI. (yay!) but you could still consider me overweight. considering me overweight against some 200+ pound kid that is also "overweight"...sheesh. there's a problem with that. there's the argument that "you can hurt someone's feelings by calling them obese". i don't know about you, but one day i'm going to be a doctor, and if someone's clearly obese, well, i'm going to tell them that they're obese because they're paying me to keep them in good health. why sugarcoat and lie? sure, there are more tactful ways and less tactful ways of telling people that, but not "knowing" that you're obese will certainly haunt you in the end.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

odds and ends

so yesterday was our 3rd big gross anatomy test. goodbye pelvis, perineum and leg! hello head and neck! it's really crazy to think that i'm 75% of the way done in gross lab...i'll be sad to leave it, but i will certainly welcome the extra afternoon time to study. and the non-stinkiness. and the option to NOT take a shower immediately coming home from school. oh, and then i'd have my saturday mornings back, since i normally go up to the lab at that time to review. so yeah, 3 more weeks. crazy!

my next test is friday in physiology. we've been studying the GI tract and the mechanics of eating food, swallowing, digesting, and pooping. it's pretty cool stuff, actually. and it reminds me of a talk i went to last year that a GI doc did and i remember thinking, i could be a GI doc as well. they get to talk about eating and pooping and play with machines that resemble nintendo games. granted, they stick tubes up people's butts and whatnot, but it's attached to cameras! and you can cauterize icky things out with stun guns...

then, on tuesday (since we have monday off for veteran's day), i have a big biochem test and a small histology test. biochem is all about breaking down big particles to small particles, for example, glycolysis, or beta-oxidation. that stuff is not fun. however, they are all cyclical and sensical (in that matter), so it will be ok. histo is on teeth and glands. blah!

class is supposed to be starting right now (8:00 am) and the professor is nowhere to be found. oops? hahaha...this guy is kinda psycho anyway. his class is more theatrics than it is actual class. in all actuality, i should skip to study on my own time, but i haven't missed a class yet in school and i don't plan to start anytime soon. oh wait, he just walked in and proclaimed "don't try to take anyone to the airport before 8:00 class. mother of PEARL!!!" weird.

he also said that he has a hybrid car to "stick it to the man". i want a hybrid.

and in that case, i should bid my internet fans adieu.