Thursday, October 04, 2007

still truckin' along...

so life is still good these days. this week has been an interesting one for me. test scores came back, weren't what i wanted, but i was able to analyze what i did wrong. what irritates me is that it seems i have a case of test day anxiety (since so many questions that i missed were due to me being i sincerely KNEW so many answers that i missed), but i feel like that's a normal thing that happens to everyone. so the good news is that i can definitely learn to control that. so i'm not beating myself up. i can't get down on myself, because that starts the vicious cycle that just spirals out of control. i'm learning from it, picking myself up, and going on with school. and a side note, i'm not the kind of student that freaks out irrationally or without warrant. when i say test anxiety, i mean that i legitimately knew the answers, could explain why, teach others, etc etc, but for some unknown awful reason i blank out and there you go. i know the difference between freaking out on a question vs. just not knowing the answer. big difference.

today i had a friend call me up to go running at the local park. (her reason for making me get out was to destress and whatnot, and she was right!) it was quite nice, and she gave me pointers on how to improve my running, and that was very good for me to know. follow that up with some steak and you've got one happy med student.

so tomorrow we have histo and gross labs, and i think that might be the happiest med school day ever, since i LOVE histo and gross labs!!! like, yeah, i'm quite excited. maybe i'm a freak, who knows. oh, and i got a compliment from my gross anatomy prof, he said that he could really tell that i was "stepping up" and "involved" this year, which translated means "you go girl". oh yeah.

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