Thursday, October 11, 2007

random observations

wow, i just checked, and this will be my 101th post on this blog. neat!

the past day or so i've been suffering from a weird sinus/allergy induced crud. i'm feeling a heck of a lot better today than yesterday since i slept a lot and relaxed. however, i have a physiology test tomorrow and gross and developmental anatomy tests on monday...not a good time to be sick. BUT, i actually feel good about these tests, so i'm not really worried. you know me, i'm laid-back all the time, or at least try to be.

so for some pains me to see all the smokers outside the hospital "grounds" getting their fix every time i come and go from school. at first the smokers would be sitting on the street, but now i guess they're braver and sit in the shade of the trees in the hospital lawn. how's THAT for image? people staked out smoking, still throwing their cigarette butts on the ground. it's just gross.

i've realized that at my cath lab hospital, the morale seems to be so much better. the cafeteria ladies are nice to you, they don't scare you, and they always say "have a nice day". everyone feels like part of the team. however, at my [university] hospital, you can definitely tell that morale is a lot lower with the support staff. when i go to the cafeteria, i feel like if i say something wrong i might get food thrown at me. aaak! then i realized, OH, [university] is STATE RUN and the cath lab hospital is PRIVATE. big difference! private hospital means better pay and better benefits. whodathunkit!

i'm really enjoying some gross lab these days. supposedly my group's cadaver looks like one straight out of "rowan's atlas", which is an atlas that has pictures of actual dissections instead of more stylized drawings. i would say that that's a great compliment.

i'm also liking most of my class. i get along with most everybody that would want to get along with me (and i with them, for that matter). i really do feel like i am of the class of 2011, that i really do belong to it. realizing that the other day (to the fullest extent) made me think that maybe i was really supposed to "red-shirt" last year because i was so unhappy with the people that were in the class of 2010. so yeah, maybe my graduation date isn't so "square" (11 vs. 10, eh), but this class is more like a good family, rather than backstabbers. big difference!

lastly, for now, i realize that i do learn a lot from reading all those medical blogs. ok, so initially i read them because i wanted to learn more about "being a doctor", and now i read them because i'm addicted. but i'm learning! all the ER doctors talk about pneumothorax, and we learned about those yesterday in class. i read a blog that posts radiology pictures every day, and that has helped me in gross anatomy. so yeah, to any of you big time REAL doctors that read my lowly blog, just know that i really appreciate what you write about!

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