Wednesday, October 17, 2007

the october grind

so far this week we've had developmental and gross anatomy tests...we won't get those grades back till thursday-ish. on this coming up monday we have MORE tests...histology, biochemistry, and more develpmental! aaak! but luckily, my weekend after that will be free so i can do something other than study...maybe a weekend trip? or at least a day trip somewhere? H made the comment last night "wow, you're always having tests". well, he's right. i keep reminding myself "this is a marathon, not a sprint", and it's not always easy to keep a positive outlook. yesterday was a crappy day at school...blame it on stress hormones and being a girl and just generally freaking out...i can't seem to get out of my "grades plateau", and it's aggravating me. i know i can overcome it though, and i've made the necessary appointments/arrangements with the right people to get me some good "strategy sessions". tomorrow i'm going to have a mental pep talk, and next week there's going to be an academic pep talk, and sprinkled in between are strategy sessions with professors. haha, med school is not all pretty roses and whatnot, and anybody who tells you otherwise is stupid or is not normal by any means. but i am going to conquer this year because i'll be darned if med school gets the better of me.

so that's that...i've gotten really good at overcoming stress too this year. when i'm overwhelmed, i like to go exercise and i like to cook. yesterday after school i went home, washed dishes, then went to the gym and did some good cardio while watching "america's next top model" reruns (talk about MINDLESS), then to the store and picked up some comestibles, then home to shower, cook, etc. i made a nice salad with teriyaki chicken, apple, mandarin orange, green onion, red leaf lettuce, and feta cheese. oh, and also had a nice glass of cabernet sauvignon called "337"'s a california red and very affordable and tasty. quite nice, if i do say so myself. nicely relaxed, i then commenced reading about vitamins. see...i know how to take care of myself.

OH, and for something fun, yesterday we bisected the cadavers. yes, rex got a height boost, straight across his body just on top of the iliac crest. today we're going to be checking out the bladder and whatnot, then later on this week we're tackling the butt region. luckily there's no poop in his large intestines so we don't have that obstacle to worry about! and he's not that fat...something about butt fat just isn't so pleasing to the senses...

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