Thursday, October 25, 2007

it's vagina time!

sorry that i haven't been posting in a while...things are hectic with all the tests going on and then plus i've been tired and busy...but alas, i must update the internets with my activities!

it seems like all that's going on these days are talk of the vagina and other pelvic structures...the lectures that i've been typing up all involve serious talk of genitalia of both sexes, and while quite enlightening, it's getting old! it's all in an educational mindset, and as a society we're taught to giggle and snicker at any mention of the "naughty bits", but even i am getting bored with talk of it. we had an ob/gyn come in to give a clinical correlation and he left us with this quote "you don't have to understand the pelvic anatomy to enjoy it." it was quite funny to hear that after having an hour or so lecture about causes of amenorrhea (ceasing of menstruation) and watching a video of a surgical procedure of creating a vagina for a woman who just never had one due to some syndrome. (now THAT was really morbidly creepy to watch...relatively simple looking procedure, the surgeons construct the vagina from butt skin, but major sqeamish factor.)

it's quite strange to hold an actual testis in your hand, which is what i did the other day in gross lab. the texture of it is almost like a hard boiled egg...hahaha, sorry if i destroyed that for you. also the cadaver bled on me yesterday (like REAL blood, not congealed clotted blood) and i freaked out (since i have that blood phobia/weirdness). turns out it just hadn't "set" all the way, so that problem should be fixed by the time lab begins tomorrow.

another quote: a professor when explaining the way fecal material passes through the large intestine said "pretend my leg is a terd and my pants are the large intestine..." ok, who can concentrate after a guy who's all about being professional and stuff says the word TERD? or turd, if that's how you spell it. *giggle*

in more personal news, i made my first A in med school on a test earlier this week. i was quite excited, i mean, it was an A and i did ABOVE class average. that made me feel very nice indeed. so i'm basically not in the hole anymore and pretty much hit my stride. i hope to continue this business of doing average and above because that would be super amazing for someone like me who's usually under the average bar (but still passing classes, for clarification).

also, it seems as if fall was totally skipped in this town. summer kind of just went straight to winter. and it's annoying because i haven't switched from the "summer wardrobe" to "cold weather wardrobe" (i just put fall and winter clothes together and layer). so i'm definitely doing an 80's throwback today since nothing really matches.

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jimgrandad said...

Frylime, you crack me up! I think if medicine isn't really in your crystal ball, you should be a writer.