Monday, October 29, 2007

a fabulous weekend

since i had a "break" from school this past weekend, H and i took a trip to visit the town of our alma mater to eat tons of good food and meet up with friends. also, on friday my school had its halloween party which was a lot of fun. lots of pirates and girls that needed to wear more clothes than they did. so saturday was a nice drive, then the weekend we ate tons of mexican food (like AUTHENTIC mexican, so good) and whatnot. i did some work transcribing (i did a lecture that took like 8 hours to do, and it was very ridiculous), but for the most part i relaxed. but i really understand that lecture now.

this week i'm going to be highly regimented/scheduled. i have to be. tests start again next week...blech. but it was great to have a little break.

oh, and there's nothing like the police banging on your door at midnight. they just wanted to ask some questions about an occurrence that happened. but still, that was a little freaky and took me a while to go back to sleep.

so now i'm at school. woo. i can't wait for lunch.


jimgrandad said...

It was a very well deserved weekend too... congrats on that first "A" Glad you two had such a good time.

frylime said...