Saturday, September 08, 2007

'twas the weekend before test

this weekend as you can infer from the title, is the famed "weekend before a test" where all activities not peripherally related to studying for said test are suspended until further notice. with that said, i have just cleaned out my refrigerator of all things in tupperware type containers that i could not identify anymore and washed all dishes. i also made a cup of lady jane grey tea (for all you earl grey fans out there, this is just like it but not as dark with hints of citrus!) that i am sipping. it's just hard for me to concentrate and study on biochemistry! aaak! i could study gross anatomy forever, and don't even get me started on genetics (which is like the coolest class ever).

speaking of gross anatomy, this morning we had a "practice practical" and i must say that i did decently on it. scored myself and i made a 67%, where 70% is deemed passing at my school. and most of my errors were because i omitted and/or added one word, like forgetting "cutaneous" when labeling a "posterior antebrachial cutaneous nerve", or "superficial" for "superficial radial nerve". and the ones where i wasn't sure of, i would put a second choice down, and that would usually be the one that was right. so for the most part, i think the way i've been approaching lab so far is good, just have to ramp it up. always having to ramp it up, i suppose, but at least i didn't tank it like a lot of folks did. thank God for practice. however, we have one more week of lab before the test, and in that week we will be tackling the posterior upper extremity and the entirety of the hand. eeek. a lot of learning.

so now i shalt study biochemistry. grrrr RNA metabolism!!!

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Anonymous said...

emily! it's mc all the way in siberia! good luck on your big tests, i know you will do fantasticheski. i miss you!