Sunday, September 23, 2007

random quotes

these are just a list of random quotes that i've been meaning to post....

from a gross anatomy prelab lecture on the palm of the hand (also said by a prof with a thick middle-east type accent):

"you can close your eyes and reach out and touch something and know exactly what it is."
- referring to how packed with neurons your hand is, but when uttered had sort of a porn-ish vibe which made the class feel kinda squirmy.

"baby when you touch me, i know how much you love me."
- same professor quoting a song he heard on the radio further describing the palm.

from a genetics lecture, student is curious about inter-blood-related sexual liasons:

student: "how close is too close?"
prof: "is she pretty?"

from a cancer clinical correlation led by an obviously arrogant doctor:

student: "so are the health care providers in any danger giving out cancer meds to patients (since they're so toxic)?"
doctor: looks to the 2 PhD profs in the room. "excuse me for what i'm about to say." looks to the class of M1 students. "ok, you and i, we are NOT health care providers. WE are DOCTORS." uncomfortable silence ensues.
all other students in class: "so i guess doctors aren't health care providers anymore..."

just thought those would give you a chuckle or two...


Anonymous said...

What does that last one mean? I don't get it. What is he inferring that a health care provider is (since it's not a doctor?) And did he really ever answer the question?

frylime said...

well, he just kinda rambled about how there's always risks in giving medication to people and the nurses and doctors take precautions to protect themselves. and i honestly still don't have an idea who a health care provider is...i'm still thinking about that one...