Wednesday, September 05, 2007

it's a biochem wednesday

well, actually, it's biochem and gross, but all our morning lectures are of the biochem nature, which means that they are kinda boring. i admit, in the 8:00 talk i struggled to stay awake, but during our break before the 10:00 class i did some power walking and youtube surfing so i think i'll be alright. (plus it's a different lecturer that i "jibe" with a little better, so that should be good.)

today is a pathology interest group meeting, and i must say that i am interested. i know i know, they're weird and cut up dead people or whatever, but the thinking process (to me) is really interesting. you are presented with a case and you are told "figure it out". then you can battle it out with the clinical doctors and confirm or deny their treatment plan. plus, no call, etc. so it sounds very interesting to me, but at the same time, i don't know. hence, going to the meeting. (i have spent some time in a morgue and it was extremely cool in more ways than one, but yeah.)

also today in lab we'll be working on the back of the shoulder and down the arm. (and in medical-speak, the portion from the shoulder to the elbow is the "arm" and from the elbow to the wrist is the "forearm". same for the lower extremity: thigh and leg.)

i'm also running for class secretary. i think i would have fun with it and feel like i was really doing something important for the class. i also think i have a good chance to get it too, but i'm not counting chickens before they hatch of course.

my plans for tonight include going over bones of the vertebral column, doing some biochem, and starting up some genetics. oh, and cooking dinner i believe. maybe not though.

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Anonymous Therapist said...

Biochem at 8 AM...yuck! Good luck to you with that.

As far as Path goes, there's nothing wrong with sitting in the lab all day and doing pathology. If I were smart enough or motivated enough to do what you're doing I'd shoot for path or radiology.