Thursday, September 13, 2007

i think i'm still making it...

hello all...

the biochem/genetics/core concepts tests on tuesday went alright. overall, my averages are doing just fine, but i am a little disappointed on my biochem performance. but, i have talked to the professor and he gave me some more test-taking tips (because that's a big problem for me...understanding how the heck to approach multiple choice questions) which i think will help me. granted, at this point compared to last year i'm doing so much better (and i'm also passing every class!), but i know i can do more. with that all said, i have gross and developmental anatomy exams and practical on monday, and i feel better about those tests. granted, i have a lot of studying to do, but the subject material is SO much more interesting to me, and i enjoy reading about it, whereas in biochem it was like banging my head against the wall. bam bam!

i can't wait to get some time again to go back to the gym.

oh, and yesterday at school we had a family residency fair, complete with free food, tons of door prizes, and other little freebies. my name was actually called out for a door prize, and i won a $100 gift certificate to a really fancy restaurant in town! so yeah, i'm definitely going there after my gross test next week and enjoying a relaxing evening with H. and yes, i've already checked out the menu and it's going to be really hard deciding what to get.

and one more thing...right now in gross we're finishing up the upper extremity and whatnot, and it's so cool to see how the muscles in the forearm work. and the names make so much sense to me. you tug on a muscle, see where the tendon is going, and then see the action of the digit. oh, so the pointer finger is extending? obviously that's the extensor indici muscle. this muscle has a bunch of tendons flexing the fingers. flexor digitorum superficialis muscle! with the human body, the muscles are pretty much quite logical. the nerves though, that's still weird to me. though they're still cool too. in rex on one side his brachial plexus contains runaway median nerve fibers (they branched off to join the muskulocutaneous nerve, and then decided to come back home to the median nerve, hahahaha). but then you look at the other side, and it's not like that at all. really makes me think about why it would do that. (and i know that probably doesn't make sense to the layperson reading this, but the take home point is that there are so many non-symmetries in the body.) also, the other day we had a really cool lecture from a neurosurgeon who talked about "stealing" nerves from one area and putting them in different areas to give movement back to muscles that have had their nerves severed in accidents, etc. i honestly didn't know that nerves had that kind of regeneration capability, since you're always told that nerve cells never grow back and whatnot. turns out that's not really true anymore in certain situations. granted it's not going to be 100% better, but if you can get 75% function back in a muscle that didn't work at all before, that's pretty nice.

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