Thursday, September 27, 2007

good news, woo

i just received an email from a prof saying that he was going to accept a certain answer on our last developmental anatomy test on a certain question, and my answer was included in that, so my score went up about 4 points!!! i'm quite excited about that turn of events. you know, i will say that my position this year is a lot better than last year, i mean, it feels great to be mostly on top of things and doing well (in my opinion). granted, i'm nowhere near the top of my class, but yet, i'm learning, i'm making decent grades, and i'm happier.

today we had a thrilling cartilage/skeletal tissue histology lab. i really enjoy that lab, it's nice to put a slide in, see what you're supposed to see, then change slide. and it's there for you. nothing is hiding, and it's all in pretty colors (if you like pink and purple). you just have to know what you're looking for. i find that i'm able to recognize the patterns rather easily, and i have a good idea of what's going on. i also like to think of crazy descriptions, like a silver stained slide of the epiglottis makes all of the elastic fibers in it show up black, so i call that the "evil scary forest". it is quite scary looking. but then when you use a different type of elastin stain, it can show up as lavender, and it's not scary at all. then a normal H&E and it's dark pink/red and that's kinda scary again. plus i have a cool lab partner, and he said he was going to check out my blog one day, so let it be known that i said on this day, thursday september 27, that i said he was a cool dude.

i've got to study some biochem and histology...test is monday. i'm not too worried at the moment, for i have been studying a lot, it's just that there's always something else you could learn. that's the basic story of med can know so much, but then you can always know more. i guess that's why this is a lifelong educational venture...deep.

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