Sunday, September 16, 2007

day before first gross test

poo on the brachial plexus! poo!

so i'm not really freaking out about tomorrow's tests (gross anatomy written and practical, and developmental anatomy written), but i think i should be. or maybe i've passed the threshold of freaking out to accepting my fate and not freaking out anymore. hahaha.

tomorrow evening there is going to be a throw down, mark my words.

the rest of this week there will be some major cleaning going on at my place. i have too many "clutter piles" and they are bothering me. i also need to vacuum since my hairs have decided to molt everywhere. and i inquired about some massage therapy services offered at my local Y to see if i can get in on that action because i need some therapizing done on me.

i think also this week i'm going to make another "numbers" post. stay tuned for some numerical fun!

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