Saturday, September 22, 2007

09 22 2007 in numbers

this week in numerical form:

-tests taken on monday: 3
-students freaking out about grades: ~120
-ribs sawed through to get inside thorax: 8
-lungs personally removed by me: 1 (and it was like delivering a baby!)
-cost of my stupid "clicker" for physiology: $42.75
-how much i charge per transcription: $35
-money made so far on transcriptions: $70
-steps per flight in the library: 9
-plasma cells found in small intestine slide: ~5
-pairs of shoes brought to school: 2
-how much dinner cost thursday night with tip: $110
-how much H put down: $10
-amount of free gift certificate: $100
-days left until next test: 9
-annoying persons in class: 2-3
-cost per hour for parking in garage: $0.50
-employee discount at cafeteria: 20%
-employee discount at my old hospital: 24%
-hours to be spent in gross lab tomorrow: ~2
-hours to be spent studying this weekend: a lot
-professors that i absolutely love: 2
-professors that i absolutely detest: 2, but should go up as the year goes on
-start time of class: 8:00AM
-usually leave school: ~5:00PM
-times i thought school was stupid: at least once a day
-girls in my gross lab group: 3
-boys in my group: 1
-alpha female to non-alpha male ratio in said group: 3 to 1
-hearts taken out in rex: 1
-incisions made in heart to study chambers: 4
-number of celebratory "i passed my first gross anatomy exam" drinks last night: 5
-thoughts of regret this morning: 0
-days until it's my birthday and last day of M1 year: 236

i will try to think up some more numbers, but it's kinda hard! school is definitely not as numbers oriented as working was...

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