Friday, August 24, 2007

we have a name!

one of my wonderful gross lab group partners came up with a name for our dude...behold...REX LUTHER. rex for short. since he's the best guy in the lab, he's the king, so therefore, rex!

and my group is so great, we learned everything from the lab that we were supposed to, and all 4 of us can recite it. i'm so happy. i'm trying really hard to learn everything while we are in lab to maximize time, etc, and it helps to teach it to others and have all of us quiz each other and give positive reinforcement. like i say, we're all going to make A's! from learning the serratus posterior inferior to the dorsal scapular branch of the transverse cervical artery, i'd say my group is miles ahead of everyone else...hahaha.

in other news, the back to school party is tonight, and i'm excited about going. mostly excited about the free beer, but seeing friends will be good too. so i'm definitely ready for the weekend. man, this has been a great week. passing all my tests, and having a great gross lab group. can't ask for more, school-wise.


jimgrandad said...

Rex LuthOr was the nemisis of Superman... is this him?

frylime said...

oooh, he could be since he's quite muscular....

thanks for pointing that out!