Thursday, August 16, 2007


this morning as i was walking onto the university hospital campus (we have to walk across a busy street to get there), i saw a patient in his pj's carrying his iv pole complete with an assortment of bags and monitors walking down to the street to smoke a cigarette. how stupid. i almost wanted to say something to him, but then thought, eh, he's the idiot, not me, let him smoke and see what happens.

in other news, school is going decently. i'm starting to really get into developmental anatomy, and my notes are all cute with multicolored drawings of embryoblasts and squiggly lines for syncytiotrophoblasts. biochemistry is starting to annoy me since we're talking about hemoglobin and blah blah blah, and histology is alright. for now. i hope. hahaha...

oh, and last night i made a scrumptious dinner (with some assistance from H) that consisted of green beans, angelhair wheat pasta, and pan seared salmon topped with a butter tomato garlic worcestershire and fresh from my mini-garden oregano and thyme sauce. delicious!

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