Friday, August 10, 2007

orientation recap

hello boys and girls! now that orientation is finally over and i've had a chance to just sit down and not be doing something, i will recap all that has happened in the past few days...


showed up, got the "be a doctor in this state because it's a good thing" speech, talked to some people i recognized from my undergrad school, met a few new people, took a new ID badge photo (which looks great!), and went on about my merry business. that business being going to the cath lab at the hospital down the road to train the new person, which was interesting.


got to school early in the morning for the long and boring "whole school" orientation talk. we learned about HIPAA, compliance, privacy, financial aid, etc, etc. got a free lunch of a nice sandwich, cookies and fruit. then the afternoon consisted of us getting a talk from the associate dean of student affairs, and she explained to us how they "track" our grades and then call us when we're doing bad. (i'll have you know that she never called me last year. ha.) she also explained other logistics about class rank (not ever reported, only used internally), how they report our scores to residency program directors (compare us to our class average), and other programs the school offers to help us along the way. we had a more in depth talk about privacy and compliance, and then went on our merry way. and my way was back to the cath lab. blah!


early morning talk was mostly inspirational stories and whatnot, and then a group of friends went out to lunch. i then went to a different hospital for privacy and security and computer training. luckily my fingerprints were still on file from last year, and the nice lady (who remembered me!) was able to expedite my file just a tad bit. i got a new ID badge there too, and it looks good as well. only thing left is to do a background check, but i do that on my own time. however, my group didn't leave until 5:45 pm, and our white coat ceremony "cocktail 30 minutes" started at 6:00 pm. so i walked like a mile back to my car from the hospital, raced home, took a quick shower and changed, and raced back with about 5 minutes to spare before our fancy dinner. inspirational speech, creeds were recited, and we were called up one by one to get our short white coats. how cute! afterwards, me and H and some other friends went to a bar/restaurant to celebrate, and that was fun and quite low-key.


today was easy. i went into the cath lab in the morning, and then went to school for "computer training" that i didn't have to go to. then ate lunch with H and some of his coworkers, then came back to school for a library tour. then i went back to the cath lab and now i am at home. tiring!


so yeah, all in all orientation was good. lots of nice people, and i have a better feeling about this year versus last year. at least i'm a lot more motivated, and i think i'm actually going to start some reading tomorrow so i can get a head start. i know, nerdy, but if this was your last shot at school, i think you'd be getting a head start too. i also got to see all my M2 friends, and that was good too. it's always nice to see friends.

so tonight i'm going to take it easy. i should do some dishes, but eh, i don't think that will happen. hahaha. but i will take a nap and eat a nice dinner somewhere, so it shall be pleasant.

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