Monday, August 20, 2007

monday is blood gas day

after today, i will have sat through all of the lectures that pertain to our first test. and i will say that at this point, i guess compared to last year, i feel more confident in my understanding of the subject material. i just have to remember to just 1) keep studying and 2) study broadly. and i think that i'll do well, at least i feel confident to say that i'm in the "passing range", hahaha.

the first test will include:
  • biochemistry: cell structure, proteins, myoglobin and hemoglobin, enzymes, and how to analyze blood gases. (66%)
  • histology: light and electron microscopy, how to tell what a cell does by looking at it, and cytoskeleton. (17%)
  • developmental anatomy: from fertilization to the end of the 4rth week of development. (17%)
and actually, all that information isn't that much. gross and genetics start after the wednesday test, so it will quickly become more hectic. how unfortunate! or more fortunate, i suppose depending on what you consider fun.

and with the first test being so soon after we've started, i feel like i've been in school for a long time, when it's only been 1 full week plus 1 day. it's an odd feeling, to say the least. and today i went overboard and brought an extra bag of books, lunch, and water bottle so i could survive the 3 hour mid-day break. and i survived it alright. i reviewed a lecture, did a biochem quiz, and did some practice questions, but then i went ahead and read my online news for today so i wouldn't feel compelled to do it later on today. but normally i would just bring my laptop and a binder for note taking. got to keep it simple. (k.i.s.s.!)

i should leave here around 2:00 or so, and then go home to start studying more. or maybe i'll go to a coffee shop and study until rush hour, but then that would waste some time i think. i can always make my own chai latte in my own kitchen after all. it's so undergrad when i lived like 3 minutes from campus and the small town had NO traffic whatsoever and you could get from one end to the other in just a few minutes, i never really had any issues of losing time. it didn't matter. i could get anywhere in under 5 minutes. however, living where i do now, it's like, ok. 20 minutes to get from school to home when i'm NOT in rush hour traffic, but if i am, it takes longer. ok, then to get to a coffee shop i have to drive to get there, and depending on where i got that's about 10 minutes. oh, and then to actually leave school to get into my car, that takes about a 7-8 minute walk. but then when i get into my car to go anywhere, i'm drenched in sweat since it's so hot. and since when i'm sweaty, i get disgruntled and lethargic as to not make my clothes get sweat marks on them. i guess you can get to what i'm saying, which is i should just go ahead and go home after class is over at 2:00. and that's probably what i'll do.

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