Friday, August 03, 2007

happy blog birthday!

happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy birthday dear blog
happy birthday to you!

one year of blogging, and hopefully many more years to come. woo!

and today at work has been great. they had a party for me and there is so much food! medtronic brought chick-fil-a, cordis brought a cake, and a bunch of staffers brought cookies and oreo pie and other yumminess. i haven't eaten anything green today, and that's a little scary. (note to self: eat only vegetable and fruit matter for dinner.) and i'm leaving a little early so i can take my white coat back to school so they can "regift" it to me at this year's white coat ceremony. how nice! hahaha...

one of the cardiologists here gave me some good advice for school. he told me to try anything and everything (as far as rotations go). he said, "frylime, if you're interested in internal medicine, then do as many rotations in other stuff as you can, because you'll never get to do things like ob, or derm, or ent, ever again. and also look into the long term lifestyle commitments. if you want to get married and have a family, you might not want to be in a job where you take overnight calls often." wise words from a nice man. i'll definitely have to remember all of that.

in other news, my old cell phone died and the cell phone people were unable to transfer all my numbers to my new phone. it is quite sad because i had amassed a large quantity of numbers.

also, I FINISHED THE LAST HARRY POTTER BOOK! wow, after reading the last one EVERYTHING fell into place. it was really good. the last 150 pages or so had me laughing, crying, anxious, upset, happy...oh it was so good.

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