Wednesday, August 29, 2007

good lab day

today's lab was awesome. we got to flip rex over and check out his pecs...pectoralis major and minor, that is. in the process we discovered some anterior cutaneous branches of intercostal nerves, and some lateral nerves as well. we also dissected out the deltopectoral triangle and found the cephalic vein and saw where it forked from the axillary vein, then also the thoracoacromial artery and its four branches (acromial, deltoid, clavicular, and pectoral), as well as some medial and lateral pectoral nerves. one of the professors told one of the girls in my group that she was being "too meticulous", which in gross lab speak means "badass". hahaha. (i'm telling you, my group is AWESOME. it's so much fun to go in there, do a good job, get along, and really learn.) oh, and we all have nicknames: skin flap queen, the juice man, fascia girl, and the nerve finder (but i think she's going to get a more appropriate nickname once we see more clearly what her powers are...hahaha.)

the rest of school is going well too. we're learning about genetic disorders in genetics, and how proteins are made in biochemistry. we also started the brachial plexus in gross, and it's a little confusing, but yet, doable. (for non-medicalese folks, a plexus is a really crazy looking network of nerves.)

it's so weird. compare how i was last year at this point in school, and i would believe you would have been meeting a completely different person. this year really is so much better for me.

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