Tuesday, August 14, 2007

class update

dear readers,

today was our 2nd day of class, and things have been going well. i have successfully managed to sit through all of the lectures with my computer turned OFF. i listen to all of the lectures, and try to take my own notes to make sure that i'm paying attention. i'm on the note service this year, so i have access to audio recordings of all the lectures too, as well as a written transcript. i've been reading the "required material" the day or so before lecture and writing down any words or ideas that don't make sense to me. (i figured out that i'm a "writer", so i need to write things down for them to really stick with me.) i also try to review what happened the day of so i don't get "behind". my biggest goal this year is to stay on top of all the new material, and then use any time during the weekdays that are left over and the weekends to review all the old stuff.

my only complaint so far is that it's been so hot outside, and today when i got home i just laid out on the floor! i was just trying to cool off (i laid down under the fan) and stop sweating, but i guess that turned into a nap. luckily it didn't last too long! but now i am all non-sweaty, i have a glass of water, and i have my developmental anatomy book. oh yes, DA, it's so fun. we watched a video today about development of an embryo and it was really really interesting, but unfortunately it was also boring, so it was hard to concentrate.

and last night was our M1/M2 buddy party at a local bar in town. that was fun...free drinks, good music, and good sweaty times. it was fun, even though a ton of folks from the M2 class (that i never spoke to anyway last year) came up to me and talked to me as if i had been on a psychotic rampage and then been committed to a mental institution and had just been released. i mean, come on people! first of all that's rude, and second, a simple generic "hello, how are you doing?" is appropriate and sufficient for someone that you never took the time to say hello to during normal school. a grilling question/answer session about my mental status is not appropriate even if you are inebriated, and all those people better be glad that i am a nice person or several folks would have gotten an earful.

ok, DA time! yay for fertilization!

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