Saturday, August 04, 2007

almost there...

i'm just sitting around in my *clean* apartment waiting for some friends to show up. now it's just started raining, which hopefully will cool down the outside since it is so hot and humid. i heard today had the potential to be the hottest day (as far as today's records go), but with the rain, maybe that won't be the case.

i dropped of my white coat, pin, and book yesterday at school. found out i don't have to get a new ID badge picture taken, but yet, i think i will get a new one because a new badge = new beginning. i know, all symbolic or whatever, but i've got a new hairstyle (no more weird colored hair, and definitely no more bangs), dropped some weight, and want a different colored shirt on so it won't look like i'm almost naked next to the backdrop. almost as if i underwent a metamorphosis (by the way, i'm reading "metamorphosis" by kafka) but it's a nice one, and i don't leave sticky stuff on the floor while i walk around. and most definitely don't do walls or ceilings.

i went to a vietnamese restaurant for lunch today. it was weird, because for a while there were only asians in there. this place is a hub for all sorts of asians, and i have seen vietnamese, chinese, and koreans there that i know of. (note: i am a fully americanized born and raised in the usa half-asian.) and there were TONS of full blooded asians in there, and it was strange because a big group came in and stood right next to my booth (where i was reading kafka) and one of the ladies practically invaded my space and almost sat down across from me. (i had my feet propped up in the seat that she was about to take.) and it reminded me of my encounters with some "old school" asians and how they can be really nosy (asking questions like "what is your gpa", "how much money do you make", "how much scholarship money do you have", etc., without even batting an eye, and don't try to evade answering, they'll keep badgering you) and encroaching of personal space. there were PLENTY of other places to sit, why they chose to hover around me, i don't know. however, i have learned not to be perturbed by it (from them) since i look like i'm supposed to know "the ways" (and the language, for that matter, and i don't), and having been subjected to it many a time, i wasn't too bothered by it today. luckily they sat a good distance away from me, and i was able to continue reading and eating at my leisure.

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