Friday, July 13, 2007

short trip

i'm leaving to go to a lovely long weekend at the bay tomorrow, so i shan't be posting anytime soon. however, when i do get back, i have cath lab observation stories, and also i think i will add a list of medical-esque blogs that i read because it's only appropriate.

as school gets closer, i get more excited! i've decided to start reading "how to make friends and influence people" by carnegie in preparation for the hopes of having a more vigorous social life within my new M1 class. besides, many people have recommended the book to me, so therefore i should check it out, right? do what people tell you to do?

also, another observation really quick, is that whenever the medical students come to the cath lab to observe "their patient", they just follow their doctors around like little lemmings or something. if i help them figure out where to go, or even what button to push to open a door, i don't even get so much of an appreciative "head nod". i mean, come on! the "lowly" person helped you, and i don't expect a verbal "thank you", but the universal "head nod", is that too much to ask? so yeah, most of the older med students i've seen so far are pricks. blah to them. however, i did see one of the family doctor "mentors" that was my group leader for a bit last year, and he's a super nice guy, and he recognized me! and wished me luck for this year! maybe he was just being nice and polite, but it really seemed like he cared and/or remembered me, and that made me feel just that bit more happy. then the pricky med students silently watched on, reminding me of the weird presence/vibes., you don't have to speak, but just exude some sort of niceness. it's all in the body language. but i suppose that's what separates the men from the boys...or the nice folks from the pricks...hahaha! just file that one away in the back of my head so that when it's "my time", i'll remember to be nice to everyone...or at least smile at people.

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