Friday, July 20, 2007

only two more weeks!

that's right, only two more weeks of working in the cath lab! this girl is quite excited, and is also quite excited about back to school shopping!!! paper, binders, awesome little pilot pens, highlighters, sticky notes, etc, woooo!

i have what one of my coworkers calls "short time syndrome", as in i only got a short time left. and boy, i can feel it. it's quite similar to senioritis, but a little different, in that i will be sad to leave a steady income and the people, but yet, this job, well, i know i'm destined for more in this life.

so let me recount some of my favorite moments this past week:

1. floor nurse calls me to order a procedure for an inpatient. she says "i want a are-tear-grum, per-cu-tane (insert unintelligible babble here". so i say ok, you need an arteriogram for patient X, what kind is it going to be? she repeats "per-cu-tane", which for all those out there, doesn't exist. after a long conversation, she finally says "renal" which makes perfect sense, and the conversation was over. (she just wanted a renal arteriogram.) kinda scared me when the floor folks can't even pronounce a procedure correctly, but it was fun trying to decipher what she said.

2. i got to tell some sales reps that "no visitors are allowed in the cath lab today". (sometimes the sales reps try to come back and "visit" and clog up everywhere, and these ones were especially sleazy and a little on the dirty-business side, so it was my great pleasure to keep them out.) HA. remember when i got to put that sales rep in his place? this was sort of like that. and this time someone told them that i was about to go to med school, which made me feel important, so obviously they weren't going to be able to get past me! (don't see how that just made sense, but it did sort of, and i was happy.)

3. i was only at work for 3 days this week because of my bay vacation. woo!

4. free lunch today!!! yay!

5. a cute old couple was waiting for the wife's echocardiogram. she was cold, and i got her a warm blanket, and she was just so happy! and then the husband said something funny and/or silly, and it was just so nice! it almost made me want to just hug them all for no reason.

6. cath lab was busy, so there was lots of work to be done, which meant no "sitting around for no reason" for frylime. that was nice, even though i was busy a lot and a little stressed, at least i was earning my keep.

there's probably more things, but i can't remember. it's friday night, dinner's cooking, and i'm drinking a red stripe. life can't get any better than this!

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