Thursday, July 05, 2007

one of those days, i suppose

when i awoke this morning i came to realize that my body didn't feel good. as the day progressed, i have come to find that i am most likely on the cusp of getting the plague, so i have been loading up on vitamin c and water, and will soon take a nap. i need to get better because this weekend is packed full of activities that i will not want to have the plague. and i was a sight to see at work...i got a blanket and wrapped it around me while i sat in my dark little hole and organized the inventory database.

now i'm thinking...what if i don't have the plague? what if i have west nile or something like that? that would make sense, since yesterday (happy belated fourth of july!) i got besieged by rampant mosquitoes. i didn't like that very much (but i did engorge myself on a hamburger AND a hotdog AND addictive guacamole. it's nice to be an american sometimes.). so now i most likely have a cross between the plague and west nile. great. that's most wonderful.

also, i bought baseball tickets to a game tonight, and what would you know, it's raining! aak! and i only got the tickets because i was peer pressured. damn that peer pressure, i hate it! but i think it's still early enough we can cancel the tickets or something if it doesn't let up.

only 33 days until school starts! how exciting! i mean, i can't wait to enslave the next 2 years to book learning and the rest of my life to dealing with patients! yay!

oh, and i decided to start home brewing my own beer, and i ordered all the supplies today. i think i will be charting my progress on the comestible station, so check that site in a week or so.

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