Tuesday, July 31, 2007

work, blood phobias, and hawaiian punch

work is going along well...i definitely have the work version of "senioritis" today, but surprisingly, i've had to go hard at work! aaah! today my boss told me what i great worker i am, and that really made me happy. and one of my coworkers told me how much she was going to miss me (we work really close together) and that she was giving me a "see you later" present since she didn't believe in "goodbyes". so nice. oh, and my boss basically promised me the summer student position in the cath lab, and that would constitute helping set up for cases, learning how to scrub in, and possibly assisting. it would definitely involve doctors "pimping" me, but that would be a very nice job because it would be very hands-on, i would know everyone and be very comfortable with the place, and it would help me overcome my blood phobia! ooh, and i could possibly get my benefits back, because by then i'll be on the prowl for new health insurance...hmmm...

which that brings me to my next topic...yesterday H cut his ankle and there was just blood coming out like a gusher! aaaak! i would put pressure on it, and it still would gush, and only when he laid down and elevated his ankle did it finally stop. the whole time i thought i was going to cry or puke or something because it was blood and eeew blood is gross. H, however, was just fine, and i think he enjoyed my ninja turtle bandaid, but maybe he was just humoring me. but see? i have weird relationship with blood, and i just hate it! like, i'll deal with blood and whatnot, but i won't like it. i just don't. it's like fluids being sucked out of your body...suddenly i'm reminded of dr. strangelove...

and then hawaiian punch. anyone close to me knows that i have a fear of high fructose corn syrup. it is evil and horrible and should be banished to the far reaches of space. however, whenever i get an "express meal" at work, a 20 oz fountain drink is included, and me wanting to get the full benefit of my money, get the drink. and i know that they all have HFCS in every drink they have, and i cringe whenever i do it, but i always go for the hawaiian punch. the freaky deaky HFCS laden red as blood hawaiian punch. i swear, i don't understand myself. i try to console myself by saying it's uncarbonated, so my muscles aren't getting eaten away by the bubbles, or that it's uncaffeinated, so that my daily coffee habit doesn't get jealous, but alas...i cannot escape the fact that HFCS is lurking in my sugary hawaiian punch, and for that i am a horrible person. and who knows what it's doing to my teeth!!! aaah! i can feel my enamel screaming in pain now...

and a school note...we got academic calendars emailed to us today, and it kind of made me sad when i was transferring all the dates into my planner. at least we get "study days", which will probably prove to be a great thing. but goodbye to all the random road trips and free evenings. blah. at least i know i have a job waiting for me next summer, and that's one less thing to worry about.

Friday, July 27, 2007

the hell that is inventory

this week has been busy at the cath lab because of the annual inventory count. as the inventory coordinator, i obviously had a large role in that count. we passed the inventory audit with flying colors, but not without much heartache and wailing and gnashing of teeth.

let's just say that after 4+ hours of meticulous data entry (and then only being a little over halfway done with that data entry) someone comes along and destroys all the work that you've done. in one click. ONE CLICK. and this person has been aggravating you all week long, and at 3:45 pm on a friday afternoon tells you that they've erased all the work you've done. well, needless to say, i was not happy, but managed to keep myself composed as i calmly walked away. lucky for me, someone was having a birthday party so i got myself some cheesecake fruit pie and started to feel better. the nurse manager told me not to be too upset, because we passed the audit, and everyone knows that the inventory will never be truly exact, and that everyone also knows all the hard work i've put into it, and it's friday afternoon, so GO HOME! and that i did! and now i am writing this blog, and i only have exactly one week of work left, and i CAN'T WAIT FOR SCHOOL to start. this job has been great, but my destiny is not to be an inventory coordinator forever.

this weekend is going to be a fun one. making a trip back up to my ol' college town to visit friends, might brew a batch of beer soon, and have started some knitting projects for some work friends (hats for their babies). le sigh...

Sunday, July 22, 2007

a running start, if you will

today was a day of new beginnings...

i cleaned up my "office", a.k.a. the junk room. not only does it house my all powerful looking desk, it also has an upright piano, 2 bicycles, a little tv (has a vcr in it, that's the only reason i have it in here), some shelves for books and other miscellaneous things, and a few expertly placed boxes of stuff i've yet to unpack since moving in. so i cleaned it up, dusted (which is something i overlook a lot for some reason), and rearranged my desk contents. and why did i do all this, you ask? because i went to office depot (or was it office max?) and went SCHOOL SUPPLY SHOPPING! yes, i was so excited, TOO EXCITED, when i saw the 2/$1 economy 1" binders on sale. since they were so cheap, i splurged on pencils, highlighters, and some pilot pens that are the best pens ever. pilot precise V5. yes. those are gifts from God, and i love them so. isn't it silly how a school supply trip can be so exciting? i swear, me and huitzil stayed there for a long time just browsing. and it turned out that the dude who helped me find more binders was dating the daughter of one of the cardiologists that works in the cath lab where i work! CRAZY!

so you know, i should be all ready for when school starts. i'm even reading "how to win friends and influence people" by dale carnegie to get me back in my social game. now if only i could find a lunch box...

Friday, July 20, 2007

only two more weeks!

that's right, only two more weeks of working in the cath lab! this girl is quite excited, and is also quite excited about back to school shopping!!! paper, binders, awesome little pilot pens, highlighters, sticky notes, etc, woooo!

i have what one of my coworkers calls "short time syndrome", as in i only got a short time left. and boy, i can feel it. it's quite similar to senioritis, but a little different, in that i will be sad to leave a steady income and the people, but yet, this job, well, i know i'm destined for more in this life.

so let me recount some of my favorite moments this past week:

1. floor nurse calls me to order a procedure for an inpatient. she says "i want a are-tear-grum, per-cu-tane (insert unintelligible babble here". so i say ok, you need an arteriogram for patient X, what kind is it going to be? she repeats "per-cu-tane", which for all those out there, doesn't exist. after a long conversation, she finally says "renal" which makes perfect sense, and the conversation was over. (she just wanted a renal arteriogram.) kinda scared me when the floor folks can't even pronounce a procedure correctly, but it was fun trying to decipher what she said.

2. i got to tell some sales reps that "no visitors are allowed in the cath lab today". (sometimes the sales reps try to come back and "visit" and clog up everywhere, and these ones were especially sleazy and a little on the dirty-business side, so it was my great pleasure to keep them out.) HA. remember when i got to put that sales rep in his place? this was sort of like that. and this time someone told them that i was about to go to med school, which made me feel important, so obviously they weren't going to be able to get past me! (don't see how that just made sense, but it did sort of, and i was happy.)

3. i was only at work for 3 days this week because of my bay vacation. woo!

4. free lunch today!!! yay!

5. a cute old couple was waiting for the wife's echocardiogram. she was cold, and i got her a warm blanket, and she was just so happy! and then the husband said something funny and/or silly, and it was just so nice! it almost made me want to just hug them all for no reason.

6. cath lab was busy, so there was lots of work to be done, which meant no "sitting around for no reason" for frylime. that was nice, even though i was busy a lot and a little stressed, at least i was earning my keep.

there's probably more things, but i can't remember. it's friday night, dinner's cooking, and i'm drinking a red stripe. life can't get any better than this!

Monday, July 16, 2007

bay update!

when one goes to the bay and anticipates eating a large number of crabs freshly caught and steamed from the water, don't eat a bazillion all at one time. you will then get a stomachache and not feel so good, but then it's all worth it because it's crabs and it's the bay!

Friday, July 13, 2007

short trip

i'm leaving to go to a lovely long weekend at the bay tomorrow, so i shan't be posting anytime soon. however, when i do get back, i have cath lab observation stories, and also i think i will add a list of medical-esque blogs that i read because it's only appropriate.

as school gets closer, i get more excited! i've decided to start reading "how to make friends and influence people" by carnegie in preparation for the hopes of having a more vigorous social life within my new M1 class. besides, many people have recommended the book to me, so therefore i should check it out, right? do what people tell you to do?

also, another observation really quick, is that whenever the medical students come to the cath lab to observe "their patient", they just follow their doctors around like little lemmings or something. if i help them figure out where to go, or even what button to push to open a door, i don't even get so much of an appreciative "head nod". i mean, come on! the "lowly" person helped you, and i don't expect a verbal "thank you", but the universal "head nod", is that too much to ask? so yeah, most of the older med students i've seen so far are pricks. blah to them. however, i did see one of the family doctor "mentors" that was my group leader for a bit last year, and he's a super nice guy, and he recognized me! and wished me luck for this year! maybe he was just being nice and polite, but it really seemed like he cared and/or remembered me, and that made me feel just that bit more happy. then the pricky med students silently watched on, reminding me of the weird presence/vibes. gah...like, you don't have to speak, but just exude some sort of niceness. it's all in the body language. but i suppose that's what separates the men from the boys...or the nice folks from the pricks...hahaha! just file that one away in the back of my head so that when it's "my time", i'll remember to be nice to everyone...or at least smile at people.

Monday, July 09, 2007

good luck for me!

like my countdown to med school over there on the right hand side of the screen? yeah, i thought so. it only took me a little bit of effort googling and whatnot to create it...

so when creating the countdown, i realized that i really only have 4 weeks left of work. well, less than 4 weeks, and i'm going on a mini-vacation this friday that will be until next tuesday. aaah! therefore, i needed to make dentist and eye doctor appointments to take advantage of all my health insurance benefits. i was SO lucky to get a dental appointment today!!! (hurrah for last minute cancellations!) and SO lucky again to get an eye appointment for thursday! isn't that fabulous? and my dentist appointment went well today, unfortunately i have "areas" that the doctor will be "watching", and that makes me sad. (my last two dentists said i had textbook perfect teeth, and i always loved going to the dentist for that reason. but now i have misbehaving teeth, and that is bad.) i don't eat too much sugar, but i also don't drink as much milk as i used to. maybe i should start taking calcium chews. and i still have some money left in my health insurance deductible, so i wonder if i should make up something just to say that i used all my benefits to the max...

and the plague that i thought i had? well, it didn't turn into plague! yay!

the cath lab was swamped today at work. tons of cases, and everyone was going crazy! as for me, i had a light load today, which is nice for a monday, but i really can't wait to go back to school. i had fights with 2 printers today, but i only won one of them. blast those paper jams!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

one of those days, i suppose

when i awoke this morning i came to realize that my body didn't feel good. as the day progressed, i have come to find that i am most likely on the cusp of getting the plague, so i have been loading up on vitamin c and water, and will soon take a nap. i need to get better because this weekend is packed full of activities that i will not want to have the plague. and i was a sight to see at work...i got a blanket and wrapped it around me while i sat in my dark little hole and organized the inventory database.

now i'm thinking...what if i don't have the plague? what if i have west nile or something like that? that would make sense, since yesterday (happy belated fourth of july!) i got besieged by rampant mosquitoes. i didn't like that very much (but i did engorge myself on a hamburger AND a hotdog AND addictive guacamole. it's nice to be an american sometimes.). so now i most likely have a cross between the plague and west nile. great. that's most wonderful.

also, i bought baseball tickets to a game tonight, and what would you know, it's raining! aak! and i only got the tickets because i was peer pressured. damn that peer pressure, i hate it! but i think it's still early enough we can cancel the tickets or something if it doesn't let up.

only 33 days until school starts! how exciting! i mean, i can't wait to enslave the next 2 years to book learning and the rest of my life to dealing with patients! yay!

oh, and i decided to start home brewing my own beer, and i ordered all the supplies today. i think i will be charting my progress on the comestible station, so check that site in a week or so.