Sunday, June 17, 2007

i'm back!

i'm back after an extended vacation to DISNEYWORLD! fun times fun times, but i've done enough of disneyworld to not have to go back for at least 10 years...i mean it is where "dreams come true", but goodness, sensory overload!

also, i don't understand why my pizza post decided to be single-spaced rather than 1.5...this is extremely puzzling and i need to find the root of the issue...

observations of disneyworld:
  • children must be at least 48 inches to ride all the cool stuff, and if they aren't tall enough they will pitch fits and throw tantrums and scream and cry which is VERY loud.
  • the "witchy" mothers who expect all the rules to be broken for their children. example: if you don't get to fantasmic (a fireworks/laser show) at least a bazillion hours before, you will be in the standing room only section, so don't get mad when your kid doesn't get a seat, and don't yell at why the handicapped people can get seats last minute when you are fully capable of standing.
  • the food of epcot is absolutely amazing and divine. eat as much as possible.
  • white skirts are not desired during afternoon thunderstorms as they will become soaking wet and see-through.
  • turkey legs smell like bacon to the general public.
  • sweaty people who can't walk in a straight line and run into me therefore depositing their sweat onto me are GROSS PEOPLE and should be put in jail or something. EEEW!
  • riding expedition everest 3x in one day is AWESOME.
  • it's VERY nice to come back home.
and to make this medically-related, i got a case of some crazy heat rash that has just about gone away. it was SO HOT in orlando, and my non-sunshine seeking skin got overwhelmed. oddly, i did not burn like i thought, just heat rash. but i do have a nice tan now which i haven't had in a long time.

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Anonymous said...

Ooh fun! I haven't heard a Disneyworld report in a while. Sounds like a nice time (except for the sweaty people, heat rash, screaming kids, and demanding mothers, of course). But overall you gave it a good review. Cool.