Sunday, June 03, 2007

good news (about blood, that is)

good evening/morning to ya'll...

since my ever so melodramatic post about blood giving, my attitude has improved! the blood folks said for me to come back after my drug addict bruise is gone, and that particular place also does free cholesterol level checks...even more incentive to go! so yay! everything's all good now, and no more blood drama for me. (thanks for the inspiring comment, evy! and yippee for bay week!)

also, i'm getting excited because the school that i have/will be attended/ing runs a free clinic, and they're having "orientation" for it next week. i'm thinking about going (if i can get off of work) to meet some people and learn how to do things like venipuncture and get someone's blood pressure. well, i can already do the blood pressure bit, but it doesn't hurt to practice. plus meeting new or old people is always good too. and i want to get really involved with the free clinic because volunteering is an amazing thing, plus if you're learning at the same time, then that's double the goodness.

so i've developed my "plan". i want to do as well as i possibly can (doesn't everyone?) so i can maybe have the option to transfer to another school after 2 years. (unassuming gunner, perhaps? incognito?) the odds of that happening is quite small, but yet, maybe that could be another incentive to try hard for top quarter or something. because then, if i've done well, then for residency maybe i could have better picks for locations. i have this irrational fear of being landlocked, and so i think my ideal place of living would be either a) east of the mississippi and within an hour's drive of a large body of water like the ocean or b) all the way to the west coast with the same parameters. i while back i went to kansas (i know, random!) and while the panorama views were absolutely beautiful while driving through the state, i was just really freaked out knowing that i was stuck in the middle of the continental united states, and that is just really weird. (so now not only am i afraid of odd-numbered staircases, i am now afraid of the midwest...)

and since i've gotten this blog added to the student doctor network link list, i'm going to make a sincere effort to blog more often so people will read it and be in awe of what i type. hahaha...not really, but yeah, i'm going to blog more. blogging is such stress relief, and also a good way to remember silly things about my days. so ok.

i think now i should sleep because i'm not making any sense.

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