Wednesday, June 20, 2007


so today after another boring day at work (well, not totally boring...we're gearing up for the big inventory count at the end of the month) i found myself getting really excited about going back to school. 48 DAYS! so that means in 44 DAYS i get to quit my job! well, "quit", since i'll be a contract worker in the future, but yeah, QUIT! i'm so excited to learn something new and NOT be a glorified secretary. all my respect goes out to them. today i was so tired of answering the damn phone, scheduling people for their interviews/lab days, and staring at the computer screen forever. i guess i don't really have the patience to really do that kind of stuff all day long. i like to be active and run around. my days are SO predictable, and i crave an environment where at least i can be thrown a curveball every so often.

i also decided that today i need to learn spanish. mind you, i've had 2 years of high school classes, but obviously i'm not to where i need to be. i spent some time researching medical spanish courses for the summer, and i even found some online courses that involve webcams and whatnot, but that kind of weirded me out. luckily, i happen to know someone who has a full grasp of the spanish language, and i'm sure he'd tutor me once i decided to get my act together and really learn the language, which i guess i should have been doing all summer.

today i learned what over the wire (OTW) and rapid exchange (RX) meant, and it was exciting. you see, in order to get the stents and balloons into the arteries to do their business, you got to "push" them along a guidewire. and it's my understanding that the wires themselves can be OTW or RX, which are two "varieties". OTW literally does mean "over the wire", in that the stent can be placed over (or under, i guess depending on your perspective) the wire sort of like a monorail on its track and "pushed" along. evidently this is the "old school" method and not as preferred to the RX variety, which kind of cradles the stent in between two wires, so therefore is a little bit easier to maneuver. (ok, so i might have totally botched what they mean, but hopefully you got an idea.) the vendor who told me the difference said that most hospitals have a 60% preference towards the RX.

oh, and one of the summer help folks quit today after ONE DAY of working in the lab! that person must have really not wanted to work in a hospital after all!

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Sunny said...

I have been trying to learn Spanish forever. Maybe we can squeezed in some practice during knitting sessions. BTW, I am soooo NOT excited about going back to school. Last night I had a dream that it was the first day of school and you were running late and asked me to save you a seat, but people kept taking. As soon as I would kick one person out of it, someone else would sit down while my head was turned.